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  1. Nightwish stabs Evanescence in the family jewels with a rusty railroad spike and proceeds to pee on the wound. Cliffnotes: Nightwish.
  2. In present times attaining combat level 100 is no big feat anymore. Even 120 and up is not uncommon to see. We tend to forget how difficult it was before the advent of Summoning and other semi-recent updates to reach triple-digit combat level. Here is an extremely old list of the original levell 100 players during the waning days of RSC (I managed to squeeze in just in time @ level 100, I actually found this list by searching for "Poopingman" hoping to find old school RSC articles about me). Enjoy the list, lots of classic players and legends on here: [spoiler=111+]Zonghui = 122 (99m)(87p) Gearshifter = 122 (99m)(88p) Ladykilljoy = 121 (99m)(79p) S A X = 121 (86p) Fist Of God = 119 (99m) Eva 02 = 118 (73p) Sandytrain = 117 (79p) Lady Lynda = 117 (92m)(78p) Equalizer T = 117 Galaxyg = 117 (92m) Gregechidna6 = 116 Sir Elliott = 116 The Great E = 116 Tyler11 = 116 (99m) Song Flower = 116 Angry Nocc = 115 (72m) Limyu = 115 Zar Family 2 = 115 (96m) Luckylucky28 = 115 Max333 = 114 (95m) Ravoz = 114 Pepsi 24 = 114 Yariv11 = 114 (92m) Lilyuffie88 = 114 (94m)(76p) Almedin3 = 114 Dmxkobe8 = 114 (99m)(70m) Robin Hood = 113 (92m) Chameela = 113 Wildflowers = 113 (96m)(70p) Azn Purity = 113 X Shadow X = 113 Maniac 666 = 113 Aznforlife = 112 (99m) Waylan = 112 Trupimp = 112 Willowweave = 112 (94m) Unbeaten = 112 Thedealer = 112 0ddball = 112 Angelmoon = 111 (73p) Tram = 111 (70p) Nitestalker8 = 111 Spekky Hater = 111 (99m) Md831 = 111 (99m) Cobalt99 = 111X P = 111 (70p) Kou = 111 Theboss = 111 Kungfuden (77p) [spoiler=110s] Dirtydevil Muhahahahaha Phillip Tycho Celchu (70p) Officerep (72p) Lazyguy Xp (73p) Unknown Boy Blueonix (71p) Arris (93m) Annamarie (71p) Icecube9292 (95m) Sue Me (95m) Ashley (95m) Alq (92m) Livinlarge21 [spoiler=109s] Iampenguin (99m) Wargazme Mystic Kila (72p) I Wicked I (96m) Advanced Bot (70p) Roodborstje Hung Heavy (70p) Levidog2 (96m) Earlcar6Dbz Mcnugget Xpkerx Rainbowdolph [spoiler=108s]Who Da Best Tertsi Lclyocnty Erixson Sir Blood (71p) Sirdelshah (99m) Sea Tide (78p) Masterlance (95m) Azot (93m) Alinon (93m) Gerryp3 (92m) Meili Samanthanz GorthWarlordsaga Bob Brock Ivoivoivo Trixstar Ladypiggy Killermandie Ffx Machomachine Uloveme Ssgoku 2 Louisville R [spoiler=107s]L6vi Datrupimp Ericd16 Nibiru (92m) Spare Parts Alanta Needamaid (70p) Xxzibit Polgara (73p) Bwareofmef (99m)(72p) Topper314 (73p) Doc Haze (71p) Tronsqueen (70p) Mystical 910 Kdog3wa Aznyumiangel Silentboy05 Aaron Lewis Ugly3000hk Gr8one 2 Pixey1 Choppermad P O K E Y Abyss Worm [spoiler=106s] Hot Latino Alchemon Bytesmee (75p) Wickedwayz Nuc134r Sk8er56 G Bub (92m)(70p) M Oldfield (93m) Alexfor2002 Amer August41 Adx1 (92m) Tks (99m)(73p) Ladydejavu (99m) Sioned (72p) Foxyl (72p) Wife Beater (94m) Lightning Hehasnoidea Sk8terfreakk Swedemike Redxll Sir Galiga KyteWildcard123 007jag Lonekeeper [spoiler=105s]Polomeros Red Knight Yrret 5 Elx MagnaSunjon (94m) Bl Nd3d Nock Pycckuu Bouh (95m) Djhmp20 Valmont (99m) Lyko (73p) Jybot (70p) Swan Love Doublebubble Centaurian Poisikenr1 Leaderbdc Xlady Lunax Gallont Lcly Philosopher Blunt IsJakkeri Tupac Gf Hellmouth13 Satansfang Blueheart Judiacator [spoiler=104s] Kingleonardo Imjosh (98m) Marshmonster Roaddogg Dusters Yedija (70p) Hurkules Tyrsbreath Dennizang The Hustler (94m) Shedragon831 (92m) Monofoto Tammy7738 (72p) Runedoll Motherofrage Mythical Dark Yeng Gogeta Ssj5 Snake Slava Methattron2 Pugz Kenny Ctlove Swifty Mcvay Birdi Kngpin Justincar6 Tom Illa Raidergod Marshmonster Lilcutiepie [spoiler=103s]Babyluv Red1010 Nas Escobar Sir Wout95 Joe1002 Dragoncry Danethor Saiyan God Agassi Siw39 [R.I.P] Ophyra Queendemoni (74p) The Dwarf Karmain (72p) Raidergod2 Vgc Missy (71p) T Bop (70p) Musashi22 (99m) Kiler1 (92m) Shorty 2001 (93m) Duck Man Sir Vig 40 Chunge Ladyroark Millard Fulkner Lorilei Miss Terious Lynos Moon Angel Ronnsson Groovesan Luciefer Superherof Thugpimp Tonychua Sucky Player Grangil Stevie J Zogo Minsc2 Queenjean [spoiler=102s] Graffixetet Cong Unreal2k1 Joni7 Blackrainbow Sir Beachy Zaptone Z Real Ze Kingpin Boy Wonder 1 Robin Hood2 Sangozanji Odin666 Sexy Razor Thehate Cyrus Virus Mickcain Mastevege Airman100 (99m) ZapzDroolman (70p) Luke the Son (92m) Yo Family Hughogilvy Anakey Dark Killer0 Matt Cauthon Goneril Arsenes Madskills02 Viikate Orchid Tea The Old Nite Yahoowww Platapusman Lameclod Phazex Protector 3 Xaenith Rollhemp Jaedlo Master Don 6 Speedstream Zzbrendonzz King Kermit Itsallupccc Aj Graz1 Deadzone Desimus Terrybrock Becky67 Sir Kilthem Sirromy Kiwee [spoiler=101s] Rygorn Harisayubk Forev3rlov3 Spockrock Bigaboys Mendark 9 Goldberg 70 Tnb Eclab Davidxiong20 Supa Vegeta Darkarchar7 Tez100 Guado Ladyboo Ashley 2005 Keelercrunch Spexes IsraRuss An 404errors Wraith One Prefict Lisabi22Uni Love The Sign Pha Qu All Bigkingsfan Baya999 Scorpion2g Real Snowsi Kegra Llama0 Igor 10 (93m) Kingdiablo Th1Badboy12 Jc21675 Buckbonkers Hairytoe Cwc Zephir1 Unitpoop Ownz U Dragonusthei Eesti Dude Thund3rcat Zeed Sweentee Vasiart Ran O Saq Villu Sir Brak Seekad Sk8er54 Sirj Nikevato Dsoccern2 Teagirl5 Scorchman123 Doombringer 1meandude Tonkinator Ghettomasta Buckbonkers Sh Head Oime Osk Rastaorange Doe Slayer [spoiler=100s] Blind3d Gugge Anime Hunter Autokill Ssj4 Pharon Danger20099 Redknightx Barto14 Ladynae Nibbledemon Rico Mortize Flubber12 Lovell Capurass Arc3 Dominator 1 Darealkelly Rompa Stompa Mooncricket The Good 1 Crofeather The Tempter Wickedk Kerang Raiuno Whispering2t Vanguard34 Ptbabe Mc Creed Fear Ninja Dakiller Godiike Therin Dragon Ryder Puffffin (99m) Sand V An Z 125 Poopingman Tenaj1 Flower 2003 Lyllith Quantum Uriel666 Nitestryker1 Ladymedusa Dragonsaber Patentnic (72p) Squaremaster Fox Pimpdogg5677 St Vicious Anttila Everyonedies Natruplayboi Ss Killer A Blade Joe bill64 Jumanji100 Minjitzu Cwc Slash Austiger Mj M Rkzzz
  3. The game is dying because of this. Goals are meaningless because every achievement has been oversaturated by individuals playing unfairly. When we reach a point where we have no ambition to improve our character (the entire basis of RPG gameplay at its core) we might as well not play at all. We all recall ~4 years ago where we had the bot oppression where certain areas were swarming with identical level 3 characters doing mundane tasks and following simple inputs in a repeated manner. These were easy to spot and ban accordingly. Now people don't even try to hide it, they bot on their mains because they don't fear the consequences. With enough training one because adept at spotting bots because of certain behaviours they display along with the obvious silent treatment. It doesn't matter where I go now, there are bots. Even way out in the desert near Nardah collecting desert goat horns. I report upwards of 50 a day, but is it really doing any good? Not when most of the community just turns a blind eye and allow it to continue because of an ill-placed fear of economical repercussion. I feel cold and alone, being treated as a paranoid elitist when I implore that we punish those obviously breaking the rules in a most heinous manner.
  4. Poopingman


    Got 99 HP today!
  5. It (1990); theoretically a two-part TV series, I still consider it a film. Great movie too, except for the lame ending. I don't think anyone can do the novel justice on the big screen, though.
  6. Yeah DT bores me as well. Ytse Jam is a neat song but that is about it.
  7. people thatswiftly pull out right in front of me whilst driving; then drive slow as hell.
  8. Yeah, wouldn't be surprised if they had no records back then. Damn, good point.
  9. The cape was a great idea, but I believe there should be two tiers. I want a 10-year cape for those of us with a decade of experience. I mean, why bother making the cape if it only represents half of the game's timeline?
  10. Poopingman


    Anyone ever do Adderall? I'm a big fan but the comedown is pretty rough.
  11. Limbonic Art - Venomous Kiss of Profane Grace Exquisite symphonic black metal.
  12. Sure, popular music appeals to the simple-minded masses. Today's corrupt youth connects with anything narcissistic; after all, isn't it always about ME ME ME!?
  13. Something is wrong with my sound so parts that are panned are missing entirely. If so there should be a key solo about 3/4 through. The guitars are my best attempt, not being a guitarist myself. As far as heaviness, the MIDI is totally to blame for that. I've been writing my own stuff for six years. I was in a black metal band but just recently joined a more traditional metalcore band. I'm trying to come up with "catchier" symphonic metal with my own touch. This is the result of that.
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