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  1. Happy birthday ^^

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. LaBrie in DT's early albums = incredible. Especially that one album they recorded live in London back in '92 or '93. Then he ate shrimp and ruined himself. I like a good, healthy dose of cheese metal to offset all the more brutal stuff I listen to. I used to be able to listen to power metal constantly (it's really addictive music if you're in the mood) but I haven't been able to do that for almost two years now. I think if you look far enough back in my post history, you'll see Nightwish, Blind Guardian and Sonata Arctica being bands I mentioned almost constantly. How times change. I'm kinda coming out of listening to power metal and more into progressive and other stuff. I'm still a sucker for the occasional song off Silence by Sonata Arctica though. It just cheers me up, the fast drumming, ridiculously high singing and cheesy riffs. I've got Images and Words and Octavarium by Dream Theater, I&M is alright, Octavarium is a bit rubbish though imo. I just can't listen to DT for too long a time. Also, Kamelot's new album title and a release date has been confirmed, it's called 'Poetry for the Poisoned' and is gonna be released on 3rd September. Now, is it just me, or does the album name sound like some bad, female-fronted symphonic metal clon... sorry, band?
  4. Isis and Cult of Luna are great, it's a pity Isis split up really, although it was probably the best time for them to split up. And I suppose if clean vocals aren't your thing, they aren't your thing, but they're not all cheesy and waily (I'm looking at you LaBrie) and neither are the riffs imo. Take a look at a band called Winds (avant-garde) maybe, the vocalist doesn't try too hard at all and he definitely isn't whiney.
  5. Ooh checked out some more Gridlink on yt and they're actually pretty good. Gotta be in the mood for it though. I personally cannot stand most metal vocalists that actually sing, wailing vocals with cheesy lyrics isn't my thing. Not to mention most power/folk/whatever riffs are pretty boring and cheesy too. They may have an amazing voice and range but I honestly don't care, still sounds annoying to me (the guy from Manilla Road is a nice example). Would much rather have a singer with a nice scream/grunt so it doesn't detract from the rest of the music and might even sound pretty cool. Favourite genres would be death/brutal death/tech death/black/post/sludge metal and combinations between those, I've kind of grown out of it now though but still like it once in a while. Gorguts/Decapitated is awesome when you're in a bad mood. Same would go for Gridlink :P You're clearly not hearing the right bands then. ;) There are plenty of clean metal vocalists who can actually sing, and not about dragons as well. And who cares if some of the riffs are simple, if it sounds good and if the lyrics actually mean something, I'll listen to it.
  6. @Saru If you hate growls, screams, rasps etc. (which I did to start off with) there is plenty of metal with clean vocals. Power, classic, folk, even some black metal has clean vocals (Alcest count kinda as metal ^^). Also I love Primordial, and yes, Maiden's album The Final Frontier is coming out soon, the single El Dorado is free for download on their website. And... Kamelot's 'The Great Pandemonium' music video trailer should be coming out soon! =D I am so psyched about their new album...
  7. [bleep]. That made me jump.
  8. The Vice by Sonata Arctica. Such a [bleep]ed up song, so many time changes and the lyrics are just plain surreal.
  9. I love Pain of Salvation, though Scarsick is my favorite. Road Salt One was.......ok, I guess. I liked Sleeping Under the Stars on that quite a bit though. I love the cabaret influence in Sleeping Under the Stars, it's hilarious but brilliant. And Scarsick is way underrated, loads of the prog elitists look down on it because it has rapping, but I find it just as meaningful as BE.
  10. This isn't metal, but it comes from a predominantly metal band. Road Salt One by Pain of Salvation. Has anyone here listened to it, and if so what do they think of it? To me it sounds brilliant, and I really can't wait for Road Salt Two later this year. Sisters is amazing. Also, I found black metal hard to get into, a bit like a wall of noise to me at the start. I listened to some Agalloch though, and that changed my perspective. I kinda went into the "blacker" stuff from there. To the Dimmu fan, I really can't help but find Dimmu realllllly boring. Although I do like Vortex's vocals. And... Rumoured Arcturus reunion with Vortex AND Garm! :D
  11. Asmodeous4


    Day off from exams, only 3 left then I'm free. :)
  12. This is exactly what I think. Society is in the wrong, the fact that we have these rules shows that easily enough.
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