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  1. doing bork daily is best in long term compared to average charms per hour :P
  2. Great performance DF, nice start of 2012 :)
  3. Nice victory, congratz Corr.
  4. Well done Keanu, nice graphic, I like especially how fast is everything running.
  5. Today CSF celebrated its 5th anniversary. National clan Czecho-Slovak Forces was founded on 6th January 2007 by RS player Pihosh. During five years of its existence a lot of more or less famous runescape players were giving something from them to our community. More than 500 czech and slovak players were members of CSF, proudly representing their nation at over 600 events. We have faced hundreds of clans on the battlefield, it is a honour for me to say that we came victorious from most of those fights. CSF was part of Middle-Europe Alliance, the first clan organization pulling 100 at Clan war arena, which was feared for its power. CSF and its members always worked hard to make a good name for czech and slovak RS community in the world. I am proud I can look back and say: "We did one hell of a great job." Let the memories shine once again http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbLfhgZ68DM&feature=player_embedded
  6. Nice action. Good video editing Keanu ;)
  7. Dominant victory, congratz NK. Nice try BK.
  8. Thanks for enjoyable fight Eternity. I hope we can repeat it sometime :)
  9. Ubi est concordia, ibi est victoria. Web Page | Memberlist || YouTube Channel || Facebook | IRC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IErND6LzdgE&feature=player_detailpage Ladies and gentlemen, its a great pleasure for me to announce you national clan Czecho-Slovak Forces was completely rebild to rise his former power once again. The national clan Czecho-Slovak Forces was founded in January 2007 by Runescape player Pihosh, one of greates slovak players that time. During four years of its existence more than 400 members we part of the clan, over 500 events were hosted. I can remember pulling us over 100 poeple to fights so some of us coud not join clan chat for war. But as the time went by, poeple were retireing from Runescape and leaving the clan as well. CSF`s memberlist was shrinking. In spring 2011 CSF had barely 40 members, 30 of them were still active. Eight the most enthusiastic members could not stand it anymore. They created a community and started a secret project CSF 2.0 on external clan forums. Even though their goals were clear, it was not an easy job. On 1st April 2011 began the 5 month long rebuilding process. It was necessary to renew clan rules and all guides, innovate the application process, rearrange the system of leadersip and ranks, upgrade forums, create new point system to award members and motivate them to improve themselves and give new look to CSF. The hardest part of project was to create clan statistics, propaganda of CSF among national players, revive their desire to be part of national clan and reunite all czech and slovak players interested in clan world. For this purpose there was created CSF offical Facebook account organizing interesting competitions for its friends, new topic was created on our national Runescape fan-site RSko.cz which soon reached over 2000 views. A lot of events were hosted to remind players of former glory of CSF. On 22nd August the old CSF`s forum was closed. Rebulding started, project was changing into reality. CSF`s memberlist had to be restarted to see who is still active. On 1st Septembre clan forum was opened for old members offering them a pre-registration. 3 massive events were hosted to make CSF re-opening more ceremonial. Armadyl Massacre, CSF Offcials`s hunt and A drop party where over 70m was dropped. Today, on 5th Septembre is CSF opening gates for new members. Main objecives: Reunite the best and most dedicated czech and slovak players Dispose of high activity memberlist Reach 50 members within a month, later 100 Become an equal opponent for top clans Deserve the position among top 10 GMT warring clans Officials: ~ Feel free to contact us if you ever need anything. Leaders Matonym Polis113 Head Officials Anopheles7 (Head Warlord) Ideal Being (Head Council) Kwaichi (Head of Presentation) Mikel Cz (Head Applicant Manager) High Councils 1dedecek Pavlasman TrauTenberg Warlords Kovajda Sultan474 Applicant Managers CSFo Tomy Svejk Requirements: - have czech or slovak nationality - 115+ f2p combat level and Teamspeak for Future Applicant - 117+ F2P combat level, 90+ Constitution and Defence level 85+ Ranged or Magic level for Trieal member - earn favour of at least 7 CSF members to achieve a full member rank Screenshots from recent events: ~Ready for every challenge.
  10. Heh nice vid, and great work on your PC. How old is the vid btw?
  11. I would go deffinitelly for Hybrid sets because of the 15% damage bonus. I guess they are also far more easier to get considering you are not a bullionaire. Hybrid sets dont require to be recharged as well so much i know.
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