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    Tr, CSF, =tDD=
  1. As you might have heard, we worked on huge reconstruction in CSF and basically opened a new clan on 5th September. So this was to be our first war after a long break. On thursday, I asked Shinn from Eternity and he accepted the challenge. We agreed on following rules CWA classic arena 30min returning MBR only DG on, Corrupt off No snipers Attack on sight War world 106 We massed up decent 24 people, all excited for their first fight in a while. Starting(forgot the pic) CSF: 24 Eternity: 20 (confirmed) Ending: I was kinda surprised how well we did provided we haven't fought in a while. We had a lot of laughs in TS (kovajda :wub: ). The only annoying thing was we both had yellow capes and my lagg ( found out my antivirus check was running after the fight :whistle: ) Thanks for the clean fight Eternity, looking forward to fighting you again. some pics:
  2. Fight was far from clean, but despite that we did quite well. Thanks HA
  3. Thanks cor message for desperate clans (teams)
  4. thanks for the fight DF, would love a rematch without other clans on the world
  5. hugely outnumbered and still won, can't say it wasn't expected =D>
  6. My opinions about reopening are mixed as well. It always depends on particular clan and circumstances, but I wish every reopening clan good luck.
  7. Thanks for the fight RSD. Always fun fighting you.
  8. Thanks for coming despite your long pkri the day before. Cheers for k/d finnish fanclub.
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