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  1. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  2. Thanks for the fight GD. We did well T0, proud of you guys. TRUE 0WNAGE
  3. True Ownage ~vs~ Czech-Slovak Forces ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Since our pulls started to increase with the most of our members being on their holidays, I approached CSF for a war. Wanting something of a different feel of T0, I gladly accepted the full out challenge that was thrown to me by Anoph . Rules 2 Rounds of CWA: Round 1: Full Out All Styles Dungeoneering Items disallowed No Sniping Allowed Round 2: Matched Opts Melee, Binds & Range Dungeoneering Items are allowed Sniper cap of 3 Full Out & Matched Opts ___________________________________________________________ Round 1 True Ownage Starting: 22 Czech-Slovak Forces Starting: 26 As we stepped into the battlefield and saw the numbers we knew we were gonna have a tough fight. But we went on with our heads held high and our scimitar in hand. As both piles clashed, we watch the both piles getting dropped at the same time. But due to CSF's good styles and k0 power, they started to dominate on us though we kept it kill to kill. It came to a point where our tanking started to slack and binds worsen and from there on CSF just took it and never looked back. Enjoyable Round 1 fight. Gratz to CSF for winning it with style. True Ownage Ending: Left the battlefield Czech-Slovak Forces Ending: 18 ___________________________________________________________ Round 2 True Ownage Starting: 21 Czech-Slovak Forces Starting: 21 (dropped from 24) As we prepared for the 2nd round to start, we were pumped and determined to show them who we are. The minute we stepped into the battlefield we were set to win. As the piles clashed we quickly got our pile down as our tanker tanked it out longer. With solid tanks and binds, we started to widen the gap between both clans and we knew we are going to go home with a win in this. Thanks to CSF for sticking through with the fight. True Ownage Ending:17 Czech-Slovak Forces Ending: Left the battlefield ___________________________________________________________ Thanks CSF for the epic fight. I will be looking forward to more wars with you.
  4. Good job RSD. Lil Blaknite fails.
  5. It is one of our best at the current moment for t0.
  6. True Ownage vs Legendz ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Since Jack our dear leader was too lazy to make the topic and asked me to do it so here it is. Anyway, Legendz came knocking at our door for a war.We agreed on a week prep to and since Legendz have been doing fairly well in past wars, we decided to go ahead and accept the challenge. _________________________________ We warred LGZ with these rules: 2 rounds; First round: - Cap of 25 people; Cwa, - All Styles - Dungeoneering Items ARE Allowed, - Corrupt Items ARE NOT Allowed, - Sniper Cap of no snipers. __________________ Second round: - Matched OPTS; Cwa, - Melee/Binds, - Dungeoneering Items ARE NOT Allowed, - Corrupt Items ARE NOT Allowed, - Sniper Cap of 2, - Rings are Allowed. ________________________________________________________________________________________ True 0wnage Starting: 26 Legendz Starting: 22 Round 1: Round 2: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Ending: Round 1: Round 2: ________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Just bring him up to our irc at #t0 in swiftirc or just drop by our forums and register at there. OR just leave me a pm and I'll explain in detail orrrr you can add me on rs and I'll guide you through the process of becoming a member of T0!
  8. I will consider you if I get the req. :). Right now I don't have teamspeak (Downloadable right?) or the armor in the post below yours. None of those actually... I will consider it still, since it seems fun :D. Well... I guess I don't have 6 of these req. but I will still consider you :). This stuff are all easy to get. The gear you see above are just the gear we would recommend a member to take =p. But if the member does not have the gear it is fine as long they obtain the gear asap for warring. =p. For the robes, you don't necessary need both of it, either one will do. Teamspeak if downloadable, it doesn't take long to get TS up and running =p
  9. Hi hi, just gonna say, come check True 0wnage out. T0 is an active warring clan with a great community. We have all kinds of events ranging from weekly warring to pk trips and pvm which is organized for the members and based on the members request. Our requirments are 110+ f2p combat, 90+ defence, 70+ mage, irc, ts3 as well as maturity and active. Our memberlist is: http://runehead.com/...lan=true_0wnage Check us out at : http://s1.zetaboards.com/t0c/index or just join swiftirc @ #t0 to talk to us and mingle with the community. And Here is a link to our recruitment topic in case you wonder what our requirements are :http://forum.tip.it/...ring-community/ I wish you the best of luck looking for the suitable clan =p. Hope you'll consider us.
  10. Happy birthday :D

  11. Had fun in this war. I always thought pvp was gonna be messy and troublesome but must say seems so much like cwa once u start. Anyway thanks for the fight Perception and thanks for the ac Df .
  12. Good performance from us. Thanks for the fight Eternity.
  13. I clearly don't see the point in continuing on this. Its the past and should be let go. Yea, I understand its a warning to other clan but right at the moment its looks ridiculous.
  14. Thanks for the fight UK. It was clear from the get go that there wasn't much that you could of done but I'm impressed that you stuck it out and did what you could.
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