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    True Ownage
  1. Welcome to Tip.It, see you around :)
  2. True Ownage Vs. Juniors Juniors declared on us for a war on November 19, 2010 with the following rules : 1Round Matched, Classic Arena || Center Bounds Only, Melee, Binds and Range, Offensive Magic not allowed, Corrupt OFF, Dungeoneering OFF, Rings allowed, ________________________________________________________________________________ True 0wnage Starting: + TeH1JC (level - 122) Juniors Starting: True 0wnage Starting: 19 Juniors Starting: 19 (dropped from 25) Warring on a Tuesday, we knew it would effect our pull but we put that aside and patiently waited for Juniors to drop. The beginning of the war was a little shaky but we managed to pull through as both our tankers dropped at about the same time. Our numbers dropped as fast as theirs but solid tanking from Vornollo and Minnie 129 managed to give us the lead. Never turning back, we continued to take out their pile and consitant tanking from our side lead us to our victory. So good job today True 0wnage. Ending: Other pics: _____ Thanks for the fight Jrs, True Ownage
  3. True Ownage Vs. Eternity Rules: 20 v 20 Classic Arena - Center Bounds Melee + Binds Dung OFF | Corrupt OFF 4 Sniper Cap True Ownage Starting : 20 ( Dropped from 28) Eternity Starting : 20 ( Dropped from 23) Firstly, thanks to Cassie34D, Keoh, Sixxburgh, IRISH, 1heroic, Ilusion Paw, Willow219 and Dr3ambasher for dropping. War went off well, with a solid tank by Warria07, giving us a 2 man lead at the start. Then consistant tanking and binds from our side alongside brilliant calling from Jc 067 secured the win. 13-0. Ending: Good fight Eternity and thanks for the fight, Warria07
  4. Really late war for most of us, but was a fun war, thanks for the fight KO.
  5. I would say Clan Europe are one of the most respected clans here.
  6. The last few mins were very intense, thank you for the fight Poison.
  7. Not our best perfomance, but still did the job ;) ... good job to the new fall ins that lead today :thumbup: and good job HI on making the fight interesting throughout the war despite the level disadvantage.
  8. This would be a nice update tho :(
  9. Was expecting to be outnumbered but that didn't happen. UK kept spirits high despite being outleveled heavily so GJ on that :thumbup:
  10. I can see where your coming from shutai :P OTH: Gratz Downfall :thumbup:
  11. Havn't seen you guys in a while ;-) Gratz on your win DV :thumbup:
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