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  1. yoyoyo my brotha!

  2. We were horrible, rematch sometime. :thumbup:
  3. If you have ANY sort of pictures of OUR snipers on your main pile, I'd like to know. Besides, I am completely sure you're just being overly dramatic. I would definately think they would have just done it "accidently". On the other hand, you just went over board with your 60% snipers on our pile. If the board wants to know exactly what happened, here it is, and there is no bias in this: We took it easy at first for the first 30 minutes, thinking they'd stop anytime soon, but wasn't the case. We all gained a regroup to our portal (proof from our video) and then we saw a bunch of THE Snipers around 7-8 (that's when we sent out snipers), we dealt it nicely acting like a huge anti-snipe unit , didn't work for long as they got the whole clan mass sniping. I don't see why your the ONLY clan we have ever fought that seem to have given us problems in wars. EVERY single clan we fought gave us a clean, respectable fight. If you don't believe what I say, go ahead and go round asking who we fought. It's ONLY you guys. Let's bring out the past wars with THE. 1st War: 2 Rounds Matched Opts - Win 2nd War: 1 Hour CWRI - Similar to this - Uh oh, we gained more kills than you did, when you had more numbers. And oh, you mass sniped to get the win. If you want to prove yourself the 4th time, please war us again if you really think you can beat us. Show us the quality that I've failed to see from you guys. :thumbup: This is all I'm going to post, as I said earlier, hit me up with a war in #[email protected] and show us your "Quality" as we are a incredibly [cabbage] clan, with horrible tanks and what not. It should be easy for you guys eh?
  4. True Ownage Vs. Envy Rules: True 0wnage Starting: 20 (Dropped from 27) Clan Envy Starting: 20 (Dropped from 33) Started off with them having a 1 man lead then a 2 man lead, but our next few tanks just demolished their pile with help from the snipers. We never looked back, I think this was one of our most tense Melee + Binds Only war we had in a while, so thank you for making it so interesting Envy. We secured the win at 8-0, good fight Envy. We then had a 30 Minute CWRI after this which they took the win just for fun. Thanks for the fight(s) Envy, good luck Condemned Army when we meet up, ~ Ash
  5. For MODs: True 0wnage -vs- Legendz ________________________________________________________________________________ We warred Legendz with the rules below: Matched Opts Classic Arena || Center Bounds Melee + Binds + Range, Corrupt OFF, Dungeoneering ON, Rings allowed, ________________________________________________________________________________ Starting: True 0wnage Starting: 20 (Dropped from 24) Legendz Starting: 20 _______________________________________________ We started off with ease, getting our target down faster than theirs. Spectacular tanking from iJ4 at the beginning gave us 8 kills, and then topping it up with T Power tanking the rest of the kills. We downed their binders as fast as we could with simple transitions, ending the war 18-0. Good fight LGZ, thanks for the fight. _______________________________________________ Ending: Well done T0, thanks for the respectable fight LGZ. :) ~ Ash
  6. True 0wnage ~vs~ Runite Knights of Finland For the Mods: __________________________________________________ RKoF gladly accepted with these rules: 1 Round Matched Opts Classic Arena - Center Bounds, All Styles, Dungeoneering Items Allowed, Corrupt is not Allowed, Rings are Allowed. __________________________________________________ Startings True 0wnage: 19 RKoF's: 19 Rubbish Starting, but it'll do. __________________________________________________ In this event, no clans had to drop so we walked straight up to the battlefield 19 v 19. They had the upper end outleveling us but we just let that past us. We piled Radical Zero (121) while they piled Renbaki (120) who lead us to 1 kill and a half. It was a 2 man lead, but 2 sloppy tanks gave it away which made it neck and neck at 16-16. We got a 2 man lead again thanks to Datakins, but yet again we had 2 sloppy tanks give it away. We then took control at this point and ended 10-0, but we could've done better. Good fight RKoF well done on making it close and thanks for leaving CC. __________________________________________________ Again, it's always a pleasure fighting you RKoF, ~ Ash [/center]
  7. Thanks for the fight CE, and thank you very much for dropping. We gave it our best shot, our binds slacked a lot and the first few tanks we had were pretty rusty. Really enjoyed that war, had trouble leading myself. Hopefully we'll come accross each other again sometime.
  8. We as T0 solely base our clan as CWA since I hate to admit I absolutely hate PvP, not because of the loss of rune (that's just a plain stupid reason) but the amount of drama it causes ie. crashing, and flame fests on every topic. We did do a couple of PvP wars and most of our members just hated it. We're not planning to get to the top 20, but I guess you could say we're earning our respect on the way. Besides, before a new member joins T0, they will be told that we are mostly CWA based, so it's pretty much their choice. Heck, the majority of people in T0 only like to do CWA, but there's always a few that just want us to step up to PvP which we will never will. But I guess it can be a true test for new members to show how dedicated they really are. I know some of you would completely disagree to the first half I just said but that's how I see it in my eyes.
  9. True 0wnage vs Poison _____________________________________ Rules 1 Hour CWRI Melee + Binds + Range, Dungeoneering Items OFF, Corrupt Items OFF, Rings Allowed, Rush on Sight. _____________________________________ Startings True 0wnage: 27 (Peaked 28) Poison: 22 (Peaked 28) _____________________________________ Bit out of our timezone we pulled a healthy 27 to Poison's 22. We shedded first blood dropping our target down first. We took a 4 man lead, and it was a constant 4 man lead throughout the war until the last 5 mins when there was a 2 man gap. We knew our numbers were going to drop while they gained but we still held strong, forcing our GMT players to stay. The war came tight the last minute with them narrowing the gap down neck and neck. With a solid tank from Noffeli (the last tank) we got down our last target as soon as the timer went out. Well done both, was very very intense! Thanks to Jack, Leah and Nykimu for leading aswell, my mic was pretty much messed up today (for some odd reason). Solid tanks to the majority of T0, well done! Ending 1 kill apart, T0's 81 to P's 80. :ohnoes: _____________________________________ Thank you very much for the clean, intense fight, Poison, looking forward for more! ~ Ash
  10. Tried my best to survive with 120 hp, but someone got the luck to hit me. :thumbdown: Good fight Clan Envy.
  11. For MODs: True 0wnage vs Czecho-Slovak Forces ______________________________________________________ Rules Matched Opts CWA, Melee + Binds + Range, Classic Arena Center Bounds, Dungeoneering Items are not Allowed, Corrupt Items are not Allowed, Rings are Allowed, North Attacks. ______________________________________________________ Startings True 0wnage: 21 Czecho-Slovak Forces: 21 (Dropped from 24) True 0wnage's Starting: Czecho-Slovak Forces' Starting: ______________________________________________________ First off, thank you very much to CSF for dropping. War went off well, dropping our pile a few seconds before they did (Credits to your first tanker, Ferensz3). They started targetting our leaders which then lead me to lead through the orb. It was even until it hit 15 v 15, with a phenominal tank from Zq50 dropping it down 14-9. Dr Dudeh and Renbaki casually doing their own thing which was wrecking their binders mid-war. You had lovely tanks CSF, I don't think one of you got KO'd so well done on your part. Tried keeping Ichiro alive but didn't succeed. Ending, 12 - 0. ______________________________________________________ Thank you once again for dropping, and thank you for the clean fight. :wub: ~ Ash
  12. True 0wnage ~vs~ Runite Knights of Finland __________________________________________________ RKoF gladly accepted with these rules: 2 Rounds; 30 Minute Run In and Matched Opts War(s) Classic Arena - Center Bounds, All Styles & Melee + Binds + Range, Dungeoneering Items Allowed, Corrupt is not Allowed, Rings are Allowed. __________________________________________________ Round One Startings True 0wnage: 24 Constantly~ RKoF's: 19 peaked 21 __________________________________________________ Started off well with quickly dropping our piles into a 4 man lead. It then built up, with kills coming from a 2:1 ratio on average. Our choice of styles was just perfect, almost every pile was a KO. Tanks were good despite the awful lagg. (Note to Self: Never pick World 85 again!) Respect to RKoF for hanging on till the end. End kills: 65 to 38. __________________________________________________ Round Two Startings True 0wnage: 19 (1 DC, dropped from 24) RKoF: 20 This round was just horrid, a DC hurt us (from me funnily enough), then terrible lagg again just hurt us even more, and then horrible tanks from our side aswell to top it up (Worst performance by far!). Though, RKoF's switching was just awesome. Hands down, RKoF just put the nail on the head this round. Well done, 14-0 to RKoF. __________________________________________________ Again, it's always a pleasure fighting you RKoF, you guys are fun opponents; always ends in draws! ~ Ash
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