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  1. just so you know, maybe people in ur fights out of TWR cant do anything about your mass overload of randoms but in TWR fights mods will be checking ur startings, just so u know that.
  2. Krist115


    what discussion beyond fighting between clans is going on tipit anyways? it's just common sense that if activity is down then consolidate - if activity is up then separate and organize maybe not then the war forum but look into the others No one discusses the war topics really. Just post 'good fight' and such. If we remove features it will only discourage activity in the future, not gain any. this is what i think really, Killer couldnt have put it any way better
  3. used to loot, now its pointless, maybe if its a corrupt item back in the day but i would never log out to bank my gear
  4. FF is p2p looks like they did decent since ur f2p mainly
  5. well since we had low pull i went to war with my beloved team. + i got to K0 Warria06 with the mighty Amateurnoob of downfall clan. and yes Darkrai i know and yes jack i think your presence might have changed things.
  6. keep it up envy, looks like EoS cant do much with the bigger clans =S
  7. i really like this clan, keep it up!
  8. With people crashing anyone and unlikely people retaliating, just how long do you think this will continue? I really dont see it stopping unless it stops early. Do you see any other clans retaliating and actually sticking with it? i always saw as the main gmt clans crash wars to not include all the petty flames/ddos and crashing. TRWF and TR is an interesting rivalry (not a crash war off topic i know w/e) but they respect eachother and they always try 100% to defeat eachother. This displays an example to everyone else Who else do you expect to hop into the mess given the nature of the clans currently involved? like will said, Corruption, its very expected.
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