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  1. Divine Forces - Masters of Shortprep - 116+ Today, Corruption asked us for a fight and we were glad to accept. We quickly massed up ~60 people to fight them, and the fight kicked off south of spiders. As the fight started off we soon found that we were dominant and clearly had the upper hand, Corruption kept trying to stay in the fight but they were having a rough time. We stopped for EoS a couple times which is always a nice change of pace. After about half an hour of fighting Corruption ended. Thanks for the short tussle Corruption Starting: 180 (63 on TS) Ending: 200 opts (71 on TS) Short but sweet, stay active DF
  2. People need to understand that PKing more, being more active as a clan, will benefit your clan in the long-run. It's a mindset that was lost years ago from many clans, including topc clans. However, the truth is, if you want to get more #'s, be a better clan in general, then PK more. ;)
  3. Good fight TR. We had fun, and we did amazing. :thumbup:
  4. #DF | Irc.Seersirc.net | Teaching clans a lesson | Most Motivated Summary: During the week Solace members decided to pm me the picture above and mocking Divine Forces that we aren't going to hunt them. So after hearing that Solace members were pking after our fight vs The Rising, we decided to do a quick 5 minute mass to show Solace their place. We got word that Solace was in World 11 so we hopped and sure enough we log in under them and the fight started. Not much to say about the fight. Solace tried to fight back, but after two minutes they were already regrouping. After a few more regroups they decided that enough was enough and logged to w55. Good fight Solace, hopefully this will teach you guys a lesson and thanks for the motivation. :thumbsup: -1 if you're mad Solace DF starting: 48 opts Solace starting: 120 opts DF ending: Solace ending: Hopped to world 55 Pics of the fight:
  5. Never registered there. :P
  6. I'm not sure that their will be a rs3... Their not Allot of stuff new to put in...
  7. its a nice article...nice to know some info on rs3!
  8. all that is all to DWARFS CAVE!...at fally underground!
  9. that link is the best for farming dude!
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