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  1. I was looking for monsters, but I'm now considering Barrows. But still is there any decent monsters?
  2. ok my lvls are: 77 att 71 str 70 def 70 range 75 hp 77 mage 44 prayer
  3. I was thinking about considering the barrows, but I don't really think I got the lvl and the money :wall:
  4. It has been a while seen I temp. stopped Runescape ( since december :roll: ), So I was wondering; after all the updates and new monsters, Which monsters Commonly drop these runes: Blood, Death, and chaos? PS: Yep you're right, I'm on ancient magiks :
  5. Thanx to everyone who posted.... I was thinking.... Should I risk and train range to 70 and craft through the abyss? or stick with fairy rings? :?
  6. thanx! 2 voted for natures I'll hopefully get my 20M If I get more money Ideas :mrgreen:
  7. yah I got my first 1M after like 3 years of playing :mrgreen: ( yah I know noobish ) and not only that but with membership!!! ( Know THIS is ****ng noobish :oops: ) So you know what I mean I'm bad at money making.... So I need Ideas: Some things that Can help: -I have 44 Rc and I can use the fairy rings ( hint hint hint :thumbsup: ) -I'm going for 55 slayer for barrows 44 right now soon 45 -I got 1M to merchant with :XD: ( I want to know what to merchant with and buying selling prices ) -I done rogue trader part 1 ( another hint! ) -I have 64 minning ( minning guide ) -Done monkey madness ( good for law merchanting ) My ultimate goal Is getting 20M at the end of this summer or the next =P~ ( hey! I can dream can't I? -.- )
  8. :shock: *runs to pickpocket hams*
  9. that's if you don't die from boredem :roll:
  10. well Im thinking about the nats but I want more ideas ( Im not going to do the same thing all the way to 2M!! ( I'll be making a mix of the ideas, ex: cannon balls, nats, ankous, dragons, pure ess, flax ) but Im looking for fast ways, other than what has been added :
  11. you'll get the 17k ess faster then you'll get 1.7m in bloods/deaths/addy arrows/pure ess @ ankous... edit: just looked @ your stats..you need about 7-12 defence levels before you'll be fine at ankous. I forgot to add my goals #-o yah my def goal is 70 and prayer goal is 43-52 I'll be training def while training prayer THEN Ill go off to the ankous\blue dragons :
  12. :lol: Oh and btw who said Im welling to buy a whip for 2M? I'll buy it 1,75M and buy full mystic with the rest of the money
  13. Ok then I'll have to train range asap :mrgreen:
  14. If 50 seems low then if I get it to 60 would that be enough? Oh and btw for the nats idea Im also thinking about that too :mrgreen:
  15. well is 50 range enough? :? using the safespots of course
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