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  1. Always good to see someone else from Ottawa. :)

  2. I get all the girls, I get *all* the girls.

  3. Come back to us!

  4. I remember the "The Mysterious Editor" thread. I was so anxious to know who the Editor was at that moment, and when the torch was passed, who that one was. I never found out :wall: OK here goes, time to set the record straight. When we started the Times back in August 2005, there was ONE Editor. And there was only ONE person writing as the Editor at any one time. For the next two years, anyway. I don't think it's a big secret that the Crew Leader at the time was the very first Editor, so I'll state it for the record here - it was Eeeediot. When Eeeediot left Tip.It and I took over as Crew Leader in September 2005, we needed a new Editor, and I found one. Don't ask me to name any other names, I won't. That editor was with us for a short while and, once again, had to be replaced when he/she left Tip.It. I then offered the Editor position in April 2006 to a new Editor, and THAT's the Editor that was in place when the whole "who's the mysterious Editor?????" discussion started. He/she was still in the job when I retired in June 2007, but obviously, he/she has since retired as well (and boy, can you ever tell). I think he/she stopped writing for the Times shortly after I left, based on the glut of "Letters to the Editor" that were published shortly afterwards. And NO, I was NOT the Editor, although I did help out on a couple of pieces with him/her. And I reviewed and proof-read every single article before I published it. Even the guest articles. No room for mediocrity in my house. I'm sure not many of you know that almost everyone at Tip.It had a blast in keeing the "who is the editor?" mystery going for the loooongest time, until the furor died down. That third Editor was responsible for some of the best Times ever...well, in my opinion, anyway. Some of the most memorable pieces were fictional ones that added to the mystery of who the Editor REALLY was. These "Who is the Editor???"-type articles include An Important Meeting Takes Place and A Midnight Raid. Please take a minute to read them. They're extremely well thought out and well-written pieces, written with love by someone who obviously had a talent for writing that you don't see much in the Times anymore. Which brings me to the state of the current Times. They're awful. I don't mean the content, necessarily, but they're not editorial enough - they're almost always about one specific aspect of game play or go on and on about some complaint the author has. That would be ok, I suppose, if they were at least well-written. Not all of the articles suffer from poor writing, but a heck of a lot do. Poor style, bad grammar, awful spelling, you get the picture. I stop reading after the first paragraph if it's obvious that nobody has even proof-read the article. Even when "the" Editor I so fondly remember was in the position, not one single article was published without it being proof-read at least ONCE. Now it appears that the articles are published as is, with no thought to the quality of writing and the resulting bad image these poorly written articles end up having on Tip.It. So PLEASE, Crew, take some time to read the articles before you publish them. Find someone on staff that has excellent writing skills and make sure he/she proof-reads every single line. You can't do an effective job of communicating without it. You may as well not even try. I've said my piece. Bottom line - articles are OK, but they need to be checked for spelling, grammar and style BEFORE you publish them. Not after a ton of people start posting corrections on the discussion topic! And here's the link to the famous "Mysterious Editor" topic, in case anyone's interested: viewtopic.php?t=559242 And for the second time, NO, it wasn't me. And the person who WAS the Editor at the time is no longer part of the Tip.It staff. And YES, there was only ONE Editor. There wasn't more than one person writing under the Editor title - we only kept that suggestion going to throw everyone off the track. Kiara
  5. OK so one person bashes the author, and everyone feels the need to jump on the bandwagon and do likewise? Did you even READ the article? I have read every single one, published dozens of them when I was Crew Leader, and trust me, this one was definitely better than others that have been published in recent times. Economy, shmonomy. Now there's a topic that's been covered to DEATH. OK, so maybe the subjectmatter of this particular article wasn't exactly to your taste, and maybe you disagree with the author's opinion, but that does NOT mean that the article wasn't well written. It's fairly interesting, has broad appeal, the style is good, the ideas flow from one sentence and paragraph to the next, it's not full of spelling errors, etc. Sometimes I get the feeling that some guest articles aren't very thoroughly reviewed for grammar and spelling before they're published. Not this time - either a thorough review was done, or the article simply didn't need it. So get off your high horses and pick your battles. This isn't the article that needs attacking. There are others that will fit that bill much more nicely.
  6. I know it's probably obvious once you read through the Guide if you know the Runescape world, but for newer players, it won't be. It doesn't say ANYWHERE in the guide that this mini-game is for members only. Come to think of it, someone should maybe take the time to make sure that ALL mini-game guides mention the F2P vs P2P availability right up front. Make them all the same by adding a line about P2P only or F2P/P2P right under the sentence about risk. As an alternative, you could also consider separating the main mini-guides page into P2P and F2P/P2P categories.
  7. OK, I suppose, but lacked research and any in-depth analysis. The author didn't take the time to explore in detail the impact the potential market changes will have on the RS population at large. Could have been better.
  8. How is this picture different from the map clue picture that's already in Tip.It's Treasure Trails Guide?
  9. Quest difficulty is based on the difficulty assigned by Jagex. Tip.It doesn't decide whether a quest is easy. medium or hard - Jagex does. Read a detailed explanation here: http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?page= ... m#sections
  10. When you have a minute, don't forget to add a link to the Tip.It Dynamic Signatures page in the main menu on the left-hand side of the main website page. My suggestion would be under the TOOLS heading. And don't forget to add the link to the SITE MAP page too! You might want to also want to update the Site Map page, I don't think that's been done in quite a while.
  11. The "View Your Posts" page here at the Tip.It forums. Was there ever any doubt?
  12. Nice article. A little short, though, I would have wanted to read a little more about this topic. Don't ever assume anything. My stats are the worst, and does that mean I'm a newb??? No. I've been playing for a looooong time (since way before RS2 came out), and I still have some skills under 10! I spent almost three years on the Crew here at Tip.It, and that cut into my playing time. Add to that my job, my child, my house, you get the picture. So don't ever assume that someone with crappy stats is a newb. It's the WAY THEY ACT that gives it away.
  13. No chance, mate! I enjoyed the job for almost two years, but I've kind of gotten used to having a life...
  14. Clue scroll drops are random. That means that you can spend 3 days straight killing the same clue dropper monster, and get absolutely nothing. Then your friend comes along, and gets a clue on his third kill. That's random. You can try other clue dropper monsters if you like, but there aren't any that drop clues any more often than the others. It will help if you stop EXPECTING to get a clue each time you kill a monster. Think of the combat exp you get instead. You know what they say -- a watched pot never boils.
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