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  1. Personally, I've been looking forward to this all December. Being teasted with it in January only makes me want to build the wrong totems in spite of the townsfolk! Feel free to discuss the update, plan your move, and collect the experience rewards! If this is a once a month D&D as I presume, would one be best training construction until the end of the month, and then reaping the rewards, or is it better to jump right in? :P
  2. God Statues: Construction D&D (Members Only) In this new Construction distraction and diversion, you'll help Copernicus Glyph - master sculptor - to build up to four statues each month at sites around Gielinor. There are four statue sites around the world: in Lumbridge, Taverley, Canifis and Gu'Tanoth. At each site, you'll have the choice of building a statue of any of the following: Commander Zilyana, Juna, Kr'il Tsutsaroth and General Graardor. It's up to you which statue you build and where, but tempers in the area may flare if you make a controversial choice! When you've made your choice, you'll follow Copernicus's expert directions to build scaffolding, from which his latest masterwork can be wrought. Once you've determined the correct number of pieces to be used and arranged them in columns of the right heights, the statue will be completed and you'll earn a hearty chunk of Construction XP. The quality of the statue that you build - and the XP reward - will depend on your current Construction level. If you have chosen a statue that's appropriate to the area in which you're building, then you'll have the opportunity to pray at that statue for a Prayer XP reward. However, if you've built a statue that ill fits the area's faith, then you'll earn the ire of one of the local god's more militant followers. Drive off the fanatic who attacks you and you'll earn a Slayer XP reward. In this way, you can choose to receive either Slayer or Prayer XP for each of the four statues that you can build per month. At the start of each calendar month, any statues you've built will be destroyed, and you'll be able to complete the D&D four more times for further rewards. Build any one statue four months in a row (in any location) and you'll earn a wieldable chisel, in the colour of the statue's related god. When wielded, this handy tool can be used to boost your Construction level by 1 - great for making some headway in your player-owned house! So, what're you waiting for? Prove to Copernicus that you're a chip off the old block and earn yourself some rocking rewards! Mod Roderick How to start God Statues: Speak to Copernicus Glyph. He can be found at any of the four statue sites. Requirements: You must be a RuneScape member. You must have done at least one of the following: Completed Let Them Eat Pie Completed at least 60 Achievements. Manually switched off tutorial mode. Behind the Scenes Video Take a tour of the God Statues D&D in this recent Behind the Scenes video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XnYVfngAts4 In Other News Beating Marmaros's kill count in the Thok Your Block Off saga has been made easier. Patch Notes The following fixes and tweaks have now been implemented. As always, be sure to submit a bug report should you encounter a gameplay bug or graphical glitch in-game. Graphical: The paladin shield and sword cosmetic overrides are now better placed on your character model. The paladin hero helmet cosmetic override no longer causes a minor neck stretching issue. The paladin sword cosmetic override now sheathes on the correct side. Skills & Minigames: Players can make moss and ice titan scrolls correctly. Slate and gunpowder will no longer be confused in a Player-Owned Port voyage. Completing a special voyage overnight no longer removes the adventurer from the list of special voyages given. You now take more damage when failing to pickpocket a Desert Phoenix. Chocolate powder can once again be created in F2P worlds. The cooking requirement for rocktail soup has been increased from level 90 to level 93 for consistency. The secondary objective of defeating more enemies than Marmaros in Thok Your Block Off has been made easier. It is no longer possible to give the signature heroes the wrong abilities in the Three's Company saga. Other: An issue where players could pick up their pets when they shouldn't have been able to has been fixed. Biscuits no longer restore prayer points when they haven't been eaten. Players can no longer try to join a friend on an instanced world. Players can now sell their Fire Capes to Tzhaar-Mej-Jal for Tokkul again. Camera controls will be restored correctly when selecting a weapon at the beginning of the tutorial. Logging into a free world correctly restores your previous spellbook. It is no longer possible to equip higher level armour than you can use.
  3. Really nice to see you're still at it :o
  4. Regardless of what these two new skills end up being, I am excited.. Jagex really got me on board with the POP update. It's nice to finally see some high level content (actual high level, not lvl 80..). I'm hoping they take my advice and decide to do a complete rehaul of Mobilising Armies and replace it with a lower-tier version of POP, but based on jungle expidition. Unless people actually enjoy Mobilising Armies.. ? In regards to the skills, I do hope the finishing skill takes into account other skills such as slayer, crafting, fletching, smithing, construction, etc.. It'd be nice to see the dead-end production skills given some more use. What if the gathering skill is something along the lines of Archaeology, wherein we trek over varied areas, cleaning/collecting artifacts, and in the end create items such as untradeable/tradeable scrimshaws, weapons, and armour with the help of our other Runescape production skills. I know it makes the final production skill rather meaningless, as they could just be added to the previous production skills.. but it'd interest me enough nonetheless. :P
  5. Awesome man! I have something similar on the go, but I am being very slow and lazy with it, as you can imagine. Good luck with 99 farming!
  6. Dexek

    A Cup of You

    A Cup of You She whistles to you, you run and pick her up. Alone at last, this time no one will interrupt. Pull her close by the arm, or hold her with both hands. Causing no harm, being as gentle as you can. Bring her mouth to yours, a warm kiss on your lips. Just as you remember, as sweet as you could wish. The taste of your memories, feeling at peace. Her faint aroma, your secret stress relief. Life's about the little moments, the time spent with you. So put on the kettle, and make a cup of tea for two. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a quick poem I put together an hour ago for my girlfriend for her birthday. She has a real thing for tea, but I wanted to make it sound like I was talking about her as well. Bought her a Lulu Lemon sweater for her birthday alongside some of her favourite tea. Hopefully she won't beat me.
  7. I have to admit, the death animations for player bannings entertain me so much that I can't stop reporting rule breakers.
  8. Botany Bay As part of our ongoing war on botting and gold farming , we launch Botany Bay! Those found to be using illegal software will be permanently banned and their account deleted - with no chance of appeal should they continue to ignore our warnings. After our recent major banning of professional gold farmers - Botany Bay is your chance to publicly name and shame persistent bot abusers! As we hunt for and identify botters, you - the good citizens of Gielinor - will be the ultimate deliverers of justice! Unrepentant and persistent bot-users will now find themselves banished to Botany Bay. This foreboding island is the staging ground for trials run by the Botfinder General, where there's only one verdict and justice is swift and uncompromising. Those of you wishing to take part in the trials can speak to any of the trial announcers found in major Gielinor cities. You'll be teleported to the courtroom on Botany Bay, and given access to portals that can take you back any time. You'll be invited to pelt the condemned with rotten tomatoes, and will be asked to vote, along with other like-minded players, on one of three account-ending punishments: Death by Crushing: Nothing says "banned" like a bot pancake. Death by Swallowing: Watch as the bot is devoured by something unspeakable from the Abyss. Mm...crunchy. Death by Deity: Righteous rays of bot-melting justice are the choice of the discerning angry mob. Vote in three trials, and you'll be rewarded with a wieldable pitchfork of vigilantism. After that, the next three trials you vote in will unlock increasingly angry emotes, which can be performed by right-clicking your pitchfork. Finally, your seventh trial will reward you with the gloriously pointy pitchfork of justice. We will continue to evolve our anti-botting measures to hunt down those guilty of trying to spoil the game for genuine players. So while we continue with the investigations, the trials can commence for those already found out! Mod Mark How to access Botany Bay Speak to a trial announcer in one of Gielinor's major cities. Requirements None. If you haven't already, take a look at Botany Bay in our recent Behind the Scenes video: Ozan Quest Double Bill Star alongside RuneScape's most dashing rogue, Ozan, in two new quests. These two quests can be completed by players of all levels and are fully voice-acted. Be sure to play with the sound on for the full experience! Stolen Hearts (free and members) Ozan's in Draynor Village, looking for an old friend who's fallen into bad company. You'll join Ozan as you infiltrate the Draynor underworld, meet an old flame, and become caught up in a kidnapping plot of princely proportions that leads back to Al Kharid - the home from which Ozan was banished years ago. Traverse the rooftops of the gloriously reworked Al Kharid to steal the mother of all diamonds, and confront the kidnapping villains. You may find, though, that the intrigue runs deeper than you or Ozan ever suspected... Rewards include Constitution XP and 2500 coins. At any time after the quest is completed (even if you were free-to-play at completion), members can claim one of four criminally cool titles, chosen depending the type of rogue you proved yourself to be during the quest (changeable if you're not happy with the result), as well as Agility, Prayer and Thieving XP lamps. How to start Stolen Hearts: Speak to Ozan in Draynor Village. Requirements: None. Combat: You'll need to defeat 3 level 2 mercenaries. Diamond in the Rough (members only) Osman, the Al Kharid spymaster, has sent you and Ozan deep into the Kharidian desert, trailing the mysterious perpetrator of Stolen Hearts's kidnapping plot. A ransom payment that doesn't want to be given away, as well as some altogether smellier perils, mean that this desert adventure will require every ounce of yours and Ozan's roguish guile. Help Ozan as he seeks to clear his name, unearth forgotten lore that sets the scene for the later desert quests, and find out who was really behind the kidnapping plot. Rewards include Agility, Constitution and Thieving XP, as well as access to an all-new underground area and the opportunity to get hold of a new weapon and shield. Enjoy! Mod Srowley How to start Diamond in the Rough: Speak to Ozan outside the palace in Al Kharid. Requirements: You must be a RuneScape member. Stolen Hearts Combat: You'll need to defeat 6 level 2 bandits and 2 level 5 thugs. Behind the Scenes Video If you haven't already, take a look at the Ozan Double Bill and the Al Kharid rework in our recent Behind the Scenes video: In Other News The Prince Ali Rescue quest has been removed from the game. Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough include and greatly expand upon the story of the original quest. Be sure to take a look at our latest Lores & Histories story: The Rising Sun, which gives a mostly reliable account of Ozan's youth in Al Kharid. The Gielinor surface map has had all unexplored mapsquares filled in, to give the world a more complete feel. September 26th, 2012 Patch Notes
  9. Range tanks are currently top tier, however I'd suggest waiting until EOC and seeing if any account type is dominant before investing the time in the limited life the live game has left.
  10. They're reissuing the items in a last chance attempt to get them. Wouldn't that lower their value via panicking? I believe the volume coming in doesn't compare to the number of players with 3.5-4m to invest during the release of the newspost stating an actual discontinued date. Most players with a substantial amount of money to invest knew the discontinued date for over a month now, however there are always large masses who either overlook or are completely unaware of upcoming updates. This newspost caused a spike as predicted, in which I was able to sell all my masks for 5m, which I considered to be the dump period. Within 24hrs the price then fell to low-mid 4m range in which it was time to re-buy. The price is currently 4.7-4.8m and will likely continue to trend upwards until around the discontinued date in which another dump should occur. I personally believe this trend will continue for most of the life of the fish mask (not taking into account any future intervention by Jagex (updates/bans), or player intervention (alching/death)). Basically it's just another little flip item that should see some movement within the next week.
  11. This is the LOLcano emote from Loyalty System? If I can left click them, they should be able to left click me. Sadly, no skulling occurring/ :(
  12. Fish mask is in the latest newspost, so expect a bit of a panic rise within the next 10 days.
  13. My reward was basically par with the costs of creation. Second time I've recieved this challenge.
  14. Clan Name: "F Mask" Chat: "F Mask" Forums: N/A Homeworld: N/A Service offered: Up to date pricing on the elusive Fish Mask.
  15. (Happy Birthday Kim!) Thanks! <3 ~ Kim
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