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  1. The quest was cool.. but since it's first appearance for Zaros, Jagex should add more rewards/power such as.. additional to cursed prayer, cursed magic book and/or new combat abilities. or maybe in the future?
  2. Better not to reach the shield =P you will miss previous islands Jagex should add more rewards for the shield island..
  3. in my main i succeeded exile voyage at 55% and failed in my other account at 50% and just got it again in the list after 2 days.. oh my... the shield missions so @#[email protected]#$^ hard... almost 11.30 hrs per mission and barely succeeded, almost 5 of 8 failed.
  4. why only ninja team? why no pirate team or zombie team... well today's update is okay, so we will wait another week for epic quest...
  5. thank you lots for your useful info.
  6. best dual weapons for melee are none(2h weapons have higher dps). Ranged is the best style because of 2 DPS increasing ring styles. mind to tell best range weapon to bind/use for dung? i started playing dung again ;P
  7. I have some questions about Dungeoneering skill, 1- best melee, range and mage roles (i like fast kills) 2- and about melee, 2 handed or duel weapons? 3- can i use 2 ring roles? i have completed elite dung tasks. 4- where to get Sagittare Arrows? and best dung bow to bind? 5- worth to do hard modes?? what's the benefit? any rewards for completing all? Thanks.
  8. Best duel weapons in dung (melee)? for fast kills.
  9. Fate of the Gods quest this week!!!!! Since i started playing Runescape and i am Zamorak follower but seem this time i will follow Zaros my Runescape god! *Praying*
  10. i miss old-school legends cape =P
  11. Seriously, Jagex should re-design the max capes or atleast make a poll if people wants it to be re-designed. EDIT: Jagex do not have true artiest/designers can understand the game to make things look better in game. such as.. - Armours - Weapons - Capes - all looks the same but different color - Female characters - looks bad hope they make weapons and armours looks more EVIL ]:)
  12. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Revolution oops the page is blocked at my work, i have to wait until i go home.. or can you copy the setup for me? even if it's in private, or nvm .. i wait 6 more hours ;P
  13. Best Revolution Mode setup for each class?
  14. Level 138 combat would bring many people back to Runescape and many people going to create new accounts for pure-character. good move for Jagex/Runescape.
  15. What's the best way to earn valentines notes since they are not buy-able only from treasure hunter or in gameplay, so far i got no luck in treasure hunter i only got 50 notes... now looking to get 'em in gameplay.. slayer? skill? thanks in advance
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