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  1. The quest was cool.. but since it's first appearance for Zaros, Jagex should add more rewards/power such as.. additional to cursed prayer, cursed magic book and/or new combat abilities. or maybe in the future?
  2. Better not to reach the shield =P you will miss previous islands Jagex should add more rewards for the shield island..
  3. in my main i succeeded exile voyage at 55% and failed in my other account at 50% and just got it again in the list after 2 days.. oh my... the shield missions so @#[email protected]#$^ hard... almost 11.30 hrs per mission and barely succeeded, almost 5 of 8 failed.
  4. why only ninja team? why no pirate team or zombie team... well today's update is okay, so we will wait another week for epic quest...
  5. thank you lots for your useful info.
  6. best dual weapons for melee are none(2h weapons have higher dps). Ranged is the best style because of 2 DPS increasing ring styles. mind to tell best range weapon to bind/use for dung? i started playing dung again ;P
  7. I have some questions about Dungeoneering skill, 1- best melee, range and mage roles (i like fast kills) 2- and about melee, 2 handed or duel weapons? 3- can i use 2 ring roles? i have completed elite dung tasks. 4- where to get Sagittare Arrows? and best dung bow to bind? 5- worth to do hard modes?? what's the benefit? any rewards for completing all? Thanks.
  8. Best duel weapons in dung (melee)? for fast kills.
  9. Fate of the Gods quest this week!!!!! Since i started playing Runescape and i am Zamorak follower but seem this time i will follow Zaros my Runescape god! *Praying*
  10. i miss old-school legends cape =P
  11. Seriously, Jagex should re-design the max capes or atleast make a poll if people wants it to be re-designed. EDIT: Jagex do not have true artiest/designers can understand the game to make things look better in game. such as.. - Armours - Weapons - Capes - all looks the same but different color - Female characters - looks bad hope they make weapons and armours looks more EVIL ]:)
  12. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Revolution oops the page is blocked at my work, i have to wait until i go home.. or can you copy the setup for me? even if it's in private, or nvm .. i wait 6 more hours ;P
  13. Best Revolution Mode setup for each class?
  14. Level 138 combat would bring many people back to Runescape and many people going to create new accounts for pure-character. good move for Jagex/Runescape.
  15. What's the best way to earn valentines notes since they are not buy-able only from treasure hunter or in gameplay, so far i got no luck in treasure hunter i only got 50 notes... now looking to get 'em in gameplay.. slayer? skill? thanks in advance
  16. for myself i'd go for crew>merchants>rudder>ship parts once you level up your crew the missions will be easier and easier as you are getting harder missions later..
  17. Helmet should be saved on death.. 1100 slayer points not easy to get, it takes time.. and i don't know how the scrolls works..
  18. i have been waiting for Elf city since Runescape Classic (that's even before Runescape 2), now can't wait a bit longer? it would be good for '14 holidays.. NOW BRING THE NEW SKILL JAGEX, to be honest i used to love quests that's why i kept playing runescape since 2001 but now days are useless no special about quests anymore.. maybe (lets hope) new skill bring something new to the game... i wanna fight with 5 daggers in one hand or 3 longswords in one hand, how about 2 2-handed weapon in one hand? haha.. everything is possible with new runescape engine ;P
  19. I think first should be the Skill then Elf city, the most i like about the city is new quests, it will be like other cities, first days busy then will be forgotten city like others.. about the skill is all new to the game, this is what we have been waiting for since ages.. EDIT: i'd choose Elf city if Jagex learn how they make females hot like other games. people would stick there with hot elf women. =P
  20. i am focusing on scrolls more than any other thing.. probably today i finish my second scroll to have ring/cape.. then i start focusing on darts.. hopefully before i reach the next island/shield
  21. I know it's up to you to choose.. but why mostly choosing city over a skill? the skill is bringing more features to the game, that's more fun.. Elf City can wait, after the skill... been waiting for skill and the features, and now Elf City is leading/winning? so the skill is coming next year 2015 or maybe 2016 if included in another poll, maybe never? i even want the skill before July/August.. EDIT: i would accept only if Jagex release the skill after 1-2 months the Elf City.
  22. thanks cowmaster187, my bad EDIT: Darts should be in Death Lotus, not in misc. and add new item in each class, such as shield to Tetsu and probably book for Seasinger. what about Amulet? in next batch (3)?
  23. there is shield? as i know there is only 3 new scrolls, ring, cape and the darts.. there is more?
  24. i hate that... since we are talking about copying and jagex allowing that, why dont bring Final fantasy outfits? they are awesome and i guess most people agree. i want Cloud, Sephiroth, Tidus, Yona, lightining and other outfits... and as their summons to be our pets.. like Anima, Behemoth, Odin, Shiva and other cool characters..or they can be as cosmics for our pets/summoning. p.s.: now there is so many cool things on internet, and people can easily find out, name the original artiest, not a shame. it's a shame when you copy/paste/change some small things and then say i CREATED IT, GIVE ME CREDIT.
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