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  1. Many of you are upset on the problem with bots at green dragons right and as if pvp players are not enough? hehe.. i got the fix to this trash... I got onto rs and before my bandos runs i wanted to have alittle fun so how can i do this. I decited to get on my zerker and try to loot some bots. i heard that that emote with the volcano you get from the LPS will cause you to be bigger then the dragon and cause a misclick, but sad to say the size of the emote was fixed down to a smaller size. so this this where it gets fun... 1) Kill two dragons or six then loot just the bones. 2) Walk a little bit away and drop all the bones on the ground. 3) The bot goes to pick them all up resulting in a left click option...hehe (stand one space away from the bot.) *not under the bones this will result in the dragon bot to right click if you standing on it* 4) Do the emote, because this emote take up like 2 squares or so around you and keep doing it. 5) Eventually the bot will click you and get skulled. 6) Kill then loot and repeat. (((( I have gotten 6.5m in just 1hr 23 min and 5 seconds doing this. The trick to doing this is instead of dropping one bone then picking it up before the bot gets to it, drop multiples. then do the eruption or w/e the emote is called and while the bot is left clicking the bones it will click you)))) My firend bots while im at his house and i took the time to observe it in action and figure on how to skull it, the problem was that it would right click if you stand under it so stand next to it. **This was done one month ago and i have not tried it scince so be aware of the updates to the game, things might be diffrent** items obtained : 10 whips and alot of other rune items :)
  2. Ahh, so i should just save them and wait until i face the challenge of the new update :o... sounds like a plan.
  3. better yet, what is the best method for fighting mage armor or most effective against all magic armor or (most common attack style). slash, stab, crush, or just spit on them and teleport.. >.>
  4. Everybody hates mages yes? ranged is the best method by far, but i know that melee can hit on them. this brings me to my question.... Chaotics. I want to know what the best chaotic wep i can get (have rapier already) im about to get my next chaotic wep and i want to know what the next best wep i should use on them. after beta will be released i want to know what will help me not to get my butt torn. was also told "with one chaotic in beta = not worth it. get a dual wield or get ripped" So my next chaotic should be???
  5. I will be uploading a video on my channel on youtube reguarding a email trying to steal my account. be sure to check it out @ www.youtube.com/user/MEGA13LADE it will be posted @ 3:00 somewhere in South United States. enjoy...

    1. S0U1 SPL1T

      S0U1 SPL1T

      The email will be shown in the video and i will play along with it just to show you what to look out for.


      reasons i know this was a SCAM to obtain my account was

      1: Runescape was blocked by my school and when i opened the link, @ the rs homepage. it was not blocked. that would be the first way i knew it was a FAIL and i was going to get my account taken.

      2: I logged into a FAKE account and it did not even try to say it was invalid

      3: It asked for me to prove it was m...

  6. I would say yes. Bones will rise to a very pretty penny due to the Fall Of The Bots, but then again the reward of prayer at 99 might not be worth it, shall beta come into effect. Also I would like to inform everyone that beta is not legit... think to yourselves. beta would more then likely be a V1.0 <----meaning that Runescape will suck, because it's already easy to see that most people don't like it so it will be updated to fit the players needs im sure. V1.0 + 6.0 = V7.0 (meaning Runescape will be cool game again) so prayer might be worth it? (gamble it bro and make a good choice) I WOULD GET 99 PRAYER :)
  7. be careful of scammers !!! h/c x2 is a example. <----- all scams / NO ONE IS LEGIT :)
  8. Is a chaotic crossbow worth the tokens, i do alot of slayer now and i want to try to maxmize my profit from not using melee, cost in potions, food, and other supplises, i have used ranged while doing slayer before and tbh its not bad? :o works farly well and i was wondering to complete my task should i get the ccb or the armadyl crossbow, money is not an issue with the armor ill use for slayer. just want speady trips, fast xp, and good profit / not halfed due to the supplies.
  9. omg woodcutting is a pain in the talalulu. not good profit either, need effective ways of training it, im lvl 98 with one more blasted level to go, -.- fast xp ideassss p10x?

  10. Finally got fc for the 2nd time -. -

    1. S0U1 SPL1T

      S0U1 SPL1T

      and my brother lost it a week ago >:(


  11. Well list some then. Because I really dont want do do kite shields
  12. Hey MB here and I'm wondering what i should alch to gain money for f2p and I dont want to go over 1k in the expenses of the 2ndary item. I already have the natures for 99 but I need help on the item????
  13. Laugh* i was just playing, jeez i have nothing against him, but yea i know that while doing guides i get critics, but he shouldn't have made a comment without knowing the details about what i was posting. I wasnt finished with the guide when my little brother posted it for a completely dumb joke. I guess i did over react a bit, but it made me mad when it WAS NOT finished. I was going to add how to save the priority and exc and some other things. Sorry LJ :thumbsup:
  14. Lj13, depending on your computer's status these all help. I'm using my grandfathers E-MACHINES for experimenting purposes so stop trying to be a super man by correcting what does work for one of the crappiest computers in the world so imagine using it on a higher rank computer. Oh wait, i already did. I performed it on my mac and 90/100% problems it gave me when playing runescape made it a 100% tops. GF -MEGA13LADE
  15. at school waiting to go home so i can PJ people in FOG

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