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  1. Hello all, I've been really curious if it is worth getting 95 prayer or not because of the EOC (Evolution Of Combat). I have been told by some people that its worth it since there are 2 new curses. Though other players said it would be a waste since prayer doesn't really do anything in The New Runescape Beta... My account name is: xAncientsGSx feel free to pm me online I try to be on for at least an hour everyday. My stats are currently: Attack:70 Strength:70 Defence:50 Ranged:99 Prayer:62 Magic:99 Summoning:57 and Constitution(HP):89. (I'm currently leveling my atk to 70 as I type this [at 26k till 70] then getting 80 strength or higher. My friend also offered to give me some money to help me on the way. Please leave a message on your opinions. Thank you very much!(:
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