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  1. Dat 99 farming came faster than expected, all them herbruns on the weekend.
  2. It's been an awful long time since I made a post on this forum. This is also due to the fact I quit for a while. So to make it up to you I got 4 new 99s. The plan was to get all 4 99s right after eachother, but I was too much afk with cooking so I got that on accident :P Anyway, screenshots say more than words I suppose. So without further ado: As you can Imagine 99 farming will probably be next, even though I decided to stop fruit trees/trees and only stick with herbs for the last level. After that I'm thinking right row 99 and I might slowly start training melees again through slayer (attack/strength).
  3. A bit late maybe but this was a nice welcome-back-to-members present when I got back members on monday. Great trip and thanks to MyGodIsWeird and Bloodfever!
  4. [spoiler=Tip for boss fight]Use ruby bolts (e) when ranging, I did some 2800 hits, quite good stuff (:
  5. 75-82 construction 74-78 thieving And 450k farming exp and like 150k rcing exp. I think I played like 7 hours? Not sure though.
  6. Great stuff, I always admire F2Pers, once you get to P2P you can't imagine how you stuck to F2P all this time ;p Anyway good luck in members and you got some nice skills to start off with!
  7. I might be old school on this but I use Slayer Dart and just pray with mage gear and range ahrim. Also take baskets of strawberrys for healing between brothers.
  8. Gilf <33 Didn't really plan to make a big party out of it ;p I was doing livid farm and I was a small bit exp off and just then Octarine was going to get 99 crafting so we decided to get em together!
  9. Gilf <333 Nice job babe (: To bad you didnt get the messages in the pic O:! Keep up the great work!
  10. Thanks both! And I lol'ed when I saw that message :P And grats again to you to Octa! Was great to get 99's together!
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