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  1. Thx bxpprodu, wuz surprised cee u guise remember mi. Mgtfo. Gt plis. Tek tek.
  2. Happy birthday! :D

  3. You could find excuses all day. The randoms aren't too bad as long as you take the attitude and tolerance to bother to dg with them. Just take the lead when necessary, brute force floors forwards and accept bad floors. I have been dging around the clock, timezones are merely an excuse. Some of people who I have dged with are australian and newzealandian, around the whole world. A lot of people I dg with are american. Everybody can be adjusted to need the same worlds. If your clanmates are higher dg than you, ask them to help you out and leave those floors 1-29 undone just for you. Worked so far pretty well with the clan I'm in, sure, took a while to adjust to that. Making friends to do x is probably one of the best points of internet games: you make friends. If you only do it for efficiency, you're doing it wrong... and in most cases, saving cash for 99 doesn't sound very efficient. Of course, if you have good money source, it might be. Oh right, I duoed/3manned most of my way through medium and large floors until 93 dungeoneering. It's already not THAT bad, and pretty good practice. Idk, some of the most elitist dg groups dont really care how often you can dg: just make sure you'll do the best for the team whenever you are there. Just doing 1 floor at a time should be fine. I could go on all day.
  4. The proof, existent or nonexistent, should be no reason to base an opinion about the rwters as whole. Proof can be twisted, neither should we act like a jury. Good deed won't make a bad action good, rethinking of if the action was actually bad can't change the community as a whole, but the more people questioning themselves, their motives, Jagex motives, RWTer motives and anything else, the better. The more people try to understand the more people WILL understand... and understand is only a little from being the opposite of hate. I think every player should be partially responsible and allowed to use their account and whatever it contains, regardless of how it de jure is stated in jagex terms. I like to think players should be considered equally when compared to the nonplaying investors. Players do invest too, therefore they should have their part as well. Yes, I am aware my twisted logic won't apply legally, anywhere. But I do no believe in unfair deals either, and Jagex is doing it fishy way and only slight things make them likely not successfully sueable. Yes, I am aware I am allowed to quit and should do so should I not agree with Jagex terms. I do not like the likeliness of increasing amount of hackers, phishers and such. But I believe our individual freedom of choice is more important than telling us to not work to gain money because of it making thiefs more likely to attack us. I want to let others work for their money too than just IVP and/or Jagex. The investors will carry a gun to protect their monies, so let us carry a money and let ourselves decide if and how we choose to protect it. Laws or dumb people aren't usually my favourite things to base opinions on, but neither is abuse of either. I want fair play. If we aren't given fair circumstances, I won't be the first one to burn those that are attempting to take some. ....how much nonsense can I fit to one post yet still decide to like it enough to post it anyways?
  5. I agree with Stev - I do not look down to RWTers anymore either, and looking back, I wonder why I ever did. Perhaps I was younger and naive and believed in fair play amongst players regardless of real life wealth distribution. Also, I believed in Jagex far more before they sold their soul. There's too much mindless hatred on realworld traders, including from people who might approve Jagex and their recent decisions in order to please the investors. We players have invested hundreds of money units if not thousands of hours on this game. If someone gets a little bit back after supplying Jagex growth, that's only fair. Afterall, they're caring little about opinions of people who aren't IVP and are being opportunistic instead. Our money. Our time. If jagex decides to disagree with their playerbase and twist their own rules, may us be given the freedom to do the same.
  6. She doesn't care. Go kill corporeal beast, he drops 13 greens at a time. :)!
  7. Made up fact alert! Almost only the people who are smart enough to use forums such as tip.it can be smart enough to enjoy dungeoneering. This certainly does not apply to majority of the kids who can't even concentrate on woodcutting while picking nose. Proper dungeoneering requires taking an arrow to the knee for the team and that just does not work with community that's used to only think about themselves. Many people just "choose to suffer" through dungeoneering for chaotic thingies and then ragequit the thingy before even attempting to do it correctly. Those "lol idc i just wanna rapior" guys also make it less likely for people who potentially like the skill to find proper teams, unless knowing where to look for those. Dungeoneering is one of the things in Runescape that CAN be liked, though. In fact, it's almost the whole reason I bother to play anymore, but I do not certainly equal an average player. I also feel like dungeoneering with player who chooses to be average to be a punishment.
  8. He asked for the best way to make money. This is not, for so many reasons. You'll save time slaying NOW if you EVER plan to get train slayer, therefore ultimately making it rather good posthumous way to premake money and save time to make more money in return.
  9. Slayer. You'll need to slay eventually anyway, so rather do it while you still need combat exp to get combat skills up.
  10. Don't rush to 99 with crafting. Do your daily flasks, they'll add up with time. Stop at 98. Finish once 99 all others.
  11. That moment when people think I care. That moment when people realise you care while you're trying to look like you don't care.
  12. On a brighter side, scammers trying to fool gullible nubcakes will have more trouble getting money out of them. "Hey wanna be my boyfriend ^^?" "Huh, hell no!" "Oh you don't wanna? I'll strangle you with my huge hands!"
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