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    I'm a frontend web developer, working for one of the UK's largest online fashion retailers, my mind thinks in JavaScript.

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  1. Haven't posted one in aaaaaages!
  2. You see, none of this would have happened if they just used DIY [player]. But did they listen, nooo... HAA I didn't even know this was a thing until the recent South Park episode.
  3. This ^ plus you can go wider/higher I think? When the option came out I remember testing, and you can do more of a top-down view with RS3 camera.
  4. Unable to get on right now, can anyone please confirm roughly how much bxp it costs to obtain silverhawk boots?
  5. 2450 total 95 slayer elite karamja done BOOM successful day :D
  6. I don't think he annoyed them as such, more encouraged it. The same happened when Lizardsquad targeted Gross Gore - he gained a LOT of viewers and attention. Lizardsquad suggest they are targeting larger online gaming companies to prove that our money isn't spent well, and that the companies should be spending profits to strengthen their infrastructure and protect themselves from such attacks.. oh how noble of them! [/sarcasm]. It's all bogus though, there is literally no way to protect yourself from a flood of requests... [except the amazing CDN CloudFlare LOL) a server has an assigned IP. This IP is made available to anybody who connects to the server. This IP can be the target of mass flooding (in this case via DDoS and botnet). It's a lose-lose situation. The only major difference this time is the sheer amount of requests.. because of a Java exploit and some clever botnet distribution of a DDoS program [read: LOIC alternative], an attack on one world (NightmareRH's streaming world) resulted in ALL worlds going down... I'd be interested to see just how much data was flooding the server :P
  7. Does seem to have come much sooner than anticipated. I'm hoping it won't be as buggy as the Beta currently is...
  8. What's that blue/yellow lightning shield icon near your minimap?
  9. 'Drop' is now the default option on fish caught while barbarian fishing. YES.
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