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  1. Haven't posted one in aaaaaages!
  2. You see, none of this would have happened if they just used DIY [player]. But did they listen, nooo... HAA I didn't even know this was a thing until the recent South Park episode.
  3. This ^ plus you can go wider/higher I think? When the option came out I remember testing, and you can do more of a top-down view with RS3 camera.
  4. Unable to get on right now, can anyone please confirm roughly how much bxp it costs to obtain silverhawk boots?
  5. 2450 total 95 slayer elite karamja done BOOM successful day :D
  6. I don't think he annoyed them as such, more encouraged it. The same happened when Lizardsquad targeted Gross Gore - he gained a LOT of viewers and attention. Lizardsquad suggest they are targeting larger online gaming companies to prove that our money isn't spent well, and that the companies should be spending profits to strengthen their infrastructure and protect themselves from such attacks.. oh how noble of them! [/sarcasm]. It's all bogus though, there is literally no way to protect yourself from a flood of requests... [except the amazing CDN CloudFlare LOL) a server has an assigned IP. This IP is made available to anybody who connects to the server. This IP can be the target of mass flooding (in this case via DDoS and botnet). It's a lose-lose situation. The only major difference this time is the sheer amount of requests.. because of a Java exploit and some clever botnet distribution of a DDoS program [read: LOIC alternative], an attack on one world (NightmareRH's streaming world) resulted in ALL worlds going down... I'd be interested to see just how much data was flooding the server :P
  7. Does seem to have come much sooner than anticipated. I'm hoping it won't be as buggy as the Beta currently is...
  8. What's that blue/yellow lightning shield icon near your minimap?
  9. 'Drop' is now the default option on fish caught while barbarian fishing. YES.
  10. I preferred the first kiln cape :( y u break st00f jagflex
  11. I don't think it's too bad but I can certainly think of much better money makers. Perhaps for someone with very little PVM skill or slightly lower level this would be a viable lazy option. :P What combat style and method were you using? With some optimization I imagine you could gain quite a few more kills/hr.
  12. #12 - been doing ovls with 2x aura, gaining 2m exp/hr. Went from 98 to 99 in 28 mins! made the misses come on and see me get the level haaha
  13. Meh AMD can be faster for multicore applications, but Intel winds hands-down on single core apps which is most general use (inc gaming). I wasn't too fussed about the most price efficient components either despite AMD generally being better bang for the buck. Upgrading PC this weekend, will post more pics once done :)
  14. Can someone upload some pictures? I can't get on til tonight >.<
  15. Engine Fixes: A fix has been applied for the black areas on the minimap that usually appear after a new map loads.
  16. Yeah probably get a WD Red 3TB at some point. My 1TB external is fine for now though. :-) Thanks!
  17. UPDATE: Decided to upgrade roughly a month later, purchased a further 8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro, a WD 3TB Red, Akaka K32 CPU cooler, a 120mm Fractal R2 fan, a 92mm Fractal R2 fan and some Creative T10 speakers. PC is running smooth, very smooth. Upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro using a key from work and couldn't be happier. Decided to ditch the DVDRW in favor of mounting the WD Red at the top and still having somewhere to hide the excess cables (see new pics). ------------------------------------------------------ Hello! I had been toying with the idea of building a PC for around three months since my laptop just doesn't cut it anymore. I spoke to colleagues and friends and came up with a rough idea of what I wanted. I live about ~20 minutes from Scan (scan.co.uk) and delivery is currently not an option for me as I live in a brand new house with an unregistered postcode. So all purchases were made in-store.Mostly this PC will be used for web development and casual gaming. I run multiple dev environments and VM's, this cripples my laptop. Gaming is mostly CSS, CS:GO and whatever Steam sales I pick up. I play RS occasionally which is running much smoother on the PC, laptop struggled with DX and I wasn't keen on OpenGL. Parts: CPU - Obvious choice, I don't plan to overclock but for ~£10 difference thought I may as well get the unlocked CPU.RAM - Seemed like a reasonable price for 1866 overclockable (clocked at 1600 due to MOBO restriction).SSD - Read a lot about various SSD's and my Father/friends recommended the M500.GPU - Came close to buying a 760 but this was a much better price at the Scan store.MoBo - Almost went for Asus H81M-Plus but this looked better quality and had some nice features.Case - wasn't too fussed but heard great things about Fractal so bought the same one as my Father.PSU - Heard that the Corsair CX were bad quality, wasn't bothered about cable management or modular/semi-modular units so decided to spend a bit more and get Seasonic as I knew it would be well-made. 520W wasn't listed.Optical drive - Drivers/Windows, will probably never use again!Monitor - Fantastic for gaming. Was cheap and cheerful.Wireless adapter - Need to get my cat5 cables wired throughout the house, until then this is more than good enough. DWA-127 wasn't listed.Mouse - Already had this, Roccat peripherals are great.Keyboard - Isku wasn't listed - great keyboard.Headphones - Comfortable and replaced my old Creative Fatal1ty headset.OS - Laptop runs Win 8, can't get used to it. Had an old Win 7 key laying around at work. I also have the Roccat Taito mouse pad, Toshiba 1TB USB3 external drive and Sony Z500 speakers. Cable management really isn't an issue, I know it doesn't look great but now that it's built, I probably won't open the case for several months. Cables are now tucked under the DVDRW and tied together with a cable-tidy. Stock CPU cooler seems more than adequate for a non-overclocked CPU. Looked at the 212 evo but seemed excessively large. I quite liked the idea of water cooling but didn't want the hassle, and it really isn't needed. I call this build Dark Sapphire.
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