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  1. Dat 99 farming came faster than expected, all them herbruns on the weekend.
  2. It's been an awful long time since I made a post on this forum. This is also due to the fact I quit for a while. So to make it up to you I got 4 new 99s. The plan was to get all 4 99s right after eachother, but I was too much afk with cooking so I got that on accident :P Anyway, screenshots say more than words I suppose. So without further ado: As you can Imagine 99 farming will probably be next, even though I decided to stop fruit trees/trees and only stick with herbs for the last level. After that I'm thinking right row 99 and I might slowly start training melees again through slayer (attack/strength).
  3. A bit late maybe but this was a nice welcome-back-to-members present when I got back members on monday. Great trip and thanks to MyGodIsWeird and Bloodfever!
  4. [spoiler=Tip for boss fight]Use ruby bolts (e) when ranging, I did some 2800 hits, quite good stuff (:
  5. 75-82 construction 74-78 thieving And 450k farming exp and like 150k rcing exp. I think I played like 7 hours? Not sure though.
  6. Great stuff, I always admire F2Pers, once you get to P2P you can't imagine how you stuck to F2P all this time ;p Anyway good luck in members and you got some nice skills to start off with!
  7. I might be old school on this but I use Slayer Dart and just pray with mage gear and range ahrim. Also take baskets of strawberrys for healing between brothers.
  8. Gilf <33 Didn't really plan to make a big party out of it ;p I was doing livid farm and I was a small bit exp off and just then Octarine was going to get 99 crafting so we decided to get em together!
  9. Gilf <333 Nice job babe (: To bad you didnt get the messages in the pic O:! Keep up the great work!
  10. Thanks both! And I lol'ed when I saw that message :P And grats again to you to Octa! Was great to get 99's together!
  11. Finally got around to getting 99 mage!! Got the last exp with livid farm. I have been away for months, but back in business (: Won't be playing as much as before though. Getting the 99 together with Octarine who got 99 crafting, losing half of the messages ;p Stats as of 12-8-2011 Main focus now is on mining, farming and runecrafting. At the moment mainly doing Livid Farm to stock up on points for the coming update. Thanks :D
  12. Why would they feel disadvantaged? They might not be pleased but this is only because they would have wanted to raise their buyables instead of other skills. The only players that will arguably be disadvantaged are people who have lower levels in the skills I named and therefore have less possibilities to train.
  13. These skills require way less money which means that a significantly less (I know i'm "only" using utilistic arguments) amount of people will feel disadvantaged since cash is something some people are able to aquire really fast while for other people this will take ages. And if you are the one making amounts like 200m in 5 hours, a buyable without bonus exp wouldn't be a problem now would it?
  14. I think if they'd make another bonus exp weekend they should consider only doing a few skills leaving most buyable skills out, I'd say agillity, mining, wcing, dungeoneering, runecrafting and hunting are good candidates. The advantage gotten by the certain players who will play this certain weekend will be significantly less if you don't include skills which normally cost heaps of cash (e.g. herblore) or heaps of cash and time (e.g. summoning, gathering charms before the weekend). Also if you only use the skills I named previously, you will have a significantly less influence on the economy, ofcourse some items will go down after and up before (e.g. rune essence and runes), but this can't be compared to the out of proportion prices of herbs and summoning seconds before the update.
  15. Well said. Not really, the point was that although the 99 is still there, it wouldn't be nearly as impressive. It's like bragging about having full dragon when there are much more impressive sets of armor to be owned. Scenario: Player A: I have full dragon (with the platebody!) I am the best because I have the best metal armor! Player B: Not really, I have full 3rd age melee, a newer addition that costs almost 10x what a full dragon set costs, and has better stats. Player A: Well, my full dragon is still here. I am staying in my little rut and not going along with progress. Player B: (lol) Whatever... Player C: It's ok Player A, I didn't progress any further than full rune... Isn't that the whole point of runescape? And yes 3rd age is more impressive than full dragon, so is having 104m exp more impressive than 13m. The point is just if it should give you an advantage, and I'd say yes because it is MORE impressive, some people like training a certain skill, making it more rewarding than just earning ranks in highscores Id say is pretty fair. Maybe a skillcape at 120 isn't the way to go but there should at least be some way to show off your achievements.
  16. Very nice! Insane amount of total exp for your level, especially like the thieving, I can't stand the skill. 10/10
  17. Hiya maddy cuz I weren't greeting you this morning and you felt bad about it, I made you this pwetty phat: I hope you like [email protected]! And late grats on 96 fishing cuz I weren't on when you got it D::: Iluu<3:
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