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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. So 2k total and for the second image it's not obvious, well 52M cook exp is what the second one is.
  3. Iphone/Ipod touch has internet, runescape is on the internet, you already have this app. But a special app would be nice.
  4. Look at the guys most exp in 1 day and week and tell whether 300M exp is possible in a month let alone 3 days, answer is no, I think it says most exp gained in 1 week was 2M. Btw happend to another guy too as he got 266M exp in 1 month according to tracker.
  5. Bought 80k raw sharks 1443 gp each sold them 1550 each. Thank you for the 8.56M profit :-). These sharks raise and lower all the time though.
  6. Just seen this, Andrew Gower has the same birthday as me.
  7. I'm boycotting the thanksgiving event by all means, I do not see it fair for the colonies to get an event specific to them. If they get an event then the rset of the world should have a specific event. For example May day in UK (best I could come up with ATM) or even better scrap thanksgiving and have 11-11 (I know that's already been) that event means more to the world than thanksgiving which only means something to 400M/7B people. People may reply and hate me for it but I do not think it is right for an colonist event on a British game. N.B by colonists I mean America and Canada (as I can't be bothered to repeat them words over and over). Thanks. J J. EDIT: I just noticed there is 2 Thanksgiving based threads, I believe this one is on the wrong thread. is it possible to move the post who should I just copy and paste?
  8. As many skills are afkable you can train 2 side by side, they do make training slightly more challenging and slightly more fun, it's by far easier training one account but if you can afk 2 accounts at the same time why not? It does however, make you limited to the skills you can train at the time of training both though, as it is impossible to effectively train agility on 2 accounts symaltaniously but training fishing on 2 is perfectly possible. In my case I do have another account for when I get the urge to train combat (I regard myself as a non combat skiller) I can do it without gaining a combat level on my main, or I go to sc and get some tools along the way.
  9. I use poor for my level when talking about all skills in general. Each skills is worth (x or -x) x being makes money -x being loses money. I tell them to look at my skills work out the total wealth gained from the x - the wealth spent from the -x before I tell them the actual cash figure, atm it's 143M cash they normally say I'm rich but I'm not so sure. I suppose I have spent over 110M. I have no idea based on skills whether or not I'm poor/avarage/rich for my level.
  10. That last idea seems unreasonable. Currently there are less than 400 maxed players, taking into considiration that not all of them will play in these worlds, and that they have school/jobs and obviously DO sleep and eat or have other obligations, I doubt these worlds will have more than 20-50 players on at one time at max. They have their own forums, they can have thier own world.
  11. 100M total exp requirements for members. People get 100M exp in a month so if you look at it that way it's not hard for anyone to get just takes time. Also maybe max total level worlds too if they're going down that route.
  12. Last time I calculated, it was 19M if you sued sc tools, tanned green leather then made the bodies after, hell of a lot of work but it's a good cape, but that was from level 82-99 (my level).
  13. What was your previous RuneScape name that you are listed under on the highscores?: JerseyJords What is your current RuneScape display name?: Jersey Jords What Tip.it highscore list(s) are you currently added to?: p2p
  14. Idk exaxt exp but www.runetraxx.nl is a really good stat tracker which stats many exp/hour of various methods on all skills.
  15. 136M in just cash then maybe 1M in items, so 137M net. But as for richness it is a direct proportions to stats. I haven't found a formula to calculate it yet.
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