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    Hi I'm Dory, did you see a boat?

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  1. Living Real Life ... the graphics are great

  2. grats! it feels so great even after waiting all this time :smile:
  3. thanks for all your hard work teaching us slow people how to EOC

  4. Cat-sitting for GigantoKitten and GigantoCat

  5. hello back to you!

  6. well that circle pic is bizarre lol!

  7. Well that guy posting on rsof can get a great big "gth" from me, that's all I'm sayin'. HE sure doesn't have a topic about him, lol! Keep on playin' ur own way - as the lolcats say, "ur doin' it awesome!"

  8. Hey mpm, long time no talk. Hope RL is going okay. Take care! <3

  9. Good to hear!!

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