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  1. Pff, Jagex would be like who is dis scrub, we've had our heads too far up our own asses to meet the community.
  2. then there would be no point to binding anything other than slayer drops. everyone would just craft a set of new armor every reset, then continue as planned for the next reset. Only with full body armor. That'd be ridiculously game breaking. the only difference between that idea and actually giving everyone ~10 binds would be the few minutes spent each reset.
  3. Nobody really knows for sure at the moment afaik. rumor is that you get +10 LP damage boost per vyre burned. if that's true, and depending on how void damage bonus stacks with the vyre bonus void should still be better, although bandos MIGHT be close. of course that's only a rumor.
  4. I've never noticed low accuracy at snails, what weapon do you use? maybe they're just weak to stab. You can protect most allies by running back into the entrance. Things like snakes are too fat to fit in and actually hit your ally. Works well on snails too. You just lose some DPS time. If you kill stuff fast enough, this really isn't an issue though. Bog shouldn't take too long. You can check the next bog tile before your animation is over. Doing so will double your completion speed. Also the bog moves in predictable patterns. Move vertically 2 tiles. Check left and right tiles. If left, keep checking left until you run out of firm ground. If right, keep moving right until you run out of firm ground. then move vertically 2 more tiles. Then check left and right again. do the keep going until firm ground thing again. Then move 2 tiles vertically to finish. It's a bit luck based, but it's faster than say, shades, or swamp boat, or put out the fire. boat and mort'ton only occur when you are close to their locations on the map. Back in the original temple trekking, you could see a tiny little minimap of where your character is in morytania. Shades are the tile directly north of the burgh. Swamp boat even occurs at the tile directly north of shades. So you can reasonably anticipate when they occur based on how many events you've done and which side of morytania you started from. I recommend you not do a hard path straight out of burgh, because that's when the odds of getting shades OR boat are the highest. or you could just use perception. That works too.
  5. Well assuming you don't do C2 fishing instead. 1k herb runs = +20m gp and u have about 90 hours of rocktail fishing left so T2-3 would save you 11-12 hours
  6. In most scenarios, void is better damage output. I'm actually not sure where bandos might be better, cept slayer. In this case it does, but you might take more damage. If you can handle yourself properly, you can probably deal with the extra damage intake.
  7. if ur doing rocktails get T3 CotS rocktail accuracy without CotS is about 10-12% T2 would put that to 15-17%, and T3 would put that to 17-19% so about a 12.5% fishing rate increase over T2. that is assuming dragonseance's aurascape data is correct, and continues to correlate at higher tier auras. that's 7.5 mins saved for 1 hour fished. According to my spreadsheets, T2-T3 greenfingers only boosts torstol farming profits from 81k to 85k 20k profit per run. thats worth substantially less than 30 seconds worth of money making saved, per farming trip. oh and for the record, i have spreadsheets for those :D
  8. I support this suggestion. Extreme attacks and strength pots are really all you need for general slaying.
  9. wines are the fastest xp, but they never earn you money. i don't have a full fledged cooking spreadsheet due to lack of burn rate data, but you can use this instead: mini cooking spreadsheet
  10. i think it is at runefest they said the reward would be an upgrade to the wicked hood and a larger pouch. And guess what the rewards for runespan are.
  11. expect to lose about 64% of a hit every skeletal monkey kill. which comes out to 6.4% loss. also there's little to no records indicating whether or not void affects just the monkey you're targeting or all of them. if it's the former, you'll see about 19% less xp rate than the numbers would indicate
  12. You throw up to 1500 red chinchompas per hour with short ranged mode. and up 2000 with medium fuse mode (which is better than misguided popular belief most likely spawned by the following guide: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/790457-guide-to-red-chinchompas-ranged-training/) max hit with a red chinchompa with rigour, void, lvl 99 ranged, overload would be 236 at skeletal monkeys lets say you hit up 9 monkeys constantly, you suffer no overkill loss whatsoever, and you have 100% accuracy you'll get 426.6 ranged xp at the most. I'm guessing you got the 500 because you added in the hitpoints xp. 110-140 is a decent number if you're chinning anything other than skeletal monkeys, because you can't assure you hit 9 targets non stop. Either way, I wouldn't claim 500. 350 at skeletal monkeys IF his setup is ideal at lvl 92 ranged. anywhere else though, mummies, nechs, you'll get much much less.
  13. well you didn't really provide much info on your setup, but expect around 110-140 xp per red chinchompa you can chuck up to 2k red chinchompas per hour if you use medium fuse (which is the equivalent of rapid) equilibrium should help a great deal if you're chinning mummies wouldn't really help much at skeletal monkeys because those respawn near instantly.
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