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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. I remember this guy.

  3. Please un-dead yourself :(

    1. Vezon Dash

      Vezon Dash

      I just noticed that he was no longer around. Seriously, where'd he go?

    2. Saradomin_Mage


      Guess real life grabbed him, threw him in one of its vans and drove off into the sunset ;(

  4. Well I concur. Moved to RS Media. Good luck!
  5. BOTWATCH, [bleep] yeah! Goes waste time googling for a master list of swear words contained within innocent words.... Edit: Not much is coming up. Did get a really interesting read on tmesis and infixation though. It seems that wildcarding the censor is a tricky business. You do want to censor infixation, since it's straightforward enough to see that just placing [bleep] in the middle of any word is bypassing the censor. But, in the example of botwatch, you can't just use *[bleep]* It's all a very interesting thought.
  6. Haven't logged in in quite a while, but I'm sitting around .5B <---- sounds much bigger than 500m imo :P
  7. As with most storage mediums, you don't get the full amount listed. There are a few reasons for this: 1) the actual format of the drive takes up space (NTFS, FAT32, etc) 2) the main reason is that manufacturers usually list storage capacity as base 10, rather than base 2 (binary). Computers work in binary, so a Gigabyte is actually 1024MB, but the manufactures list a GB as 1000MB. So that's why when you start approaching multiple TB storage, you are "losing" 200+ MB. Of course, it could just be a glitch. Edit: A really interesting read is the use of gibibyte vs gigabyte. It's a bit misleading that OS's use the SI prefixes for decimals when referring to binary units.
  8. Might as well have a greenie post here. :razz: In short, no, it doesn't work.
  9. Farming calc Make a copy and adjust what you have. That will give you an idea of what combination of boosts (juju, SOL, etc) you need for torstol to be the best profit.
  10. I don't quite understand your last post. If you want to put a spreadsheet online and let the user see all of that price info, go with Google Docs. If your project needs to be with Visual Studio, then just bypass Excel altogether. Based on your OP, I could whip up the smithing portion for that in about 90 minutes. The most time consuming part is getting all the xp data and figuring out the UI. I'm a bit rusty, but it's all straightforward enough. What you are looking for is ideal for Google Docs. Edit: Meredith knows a lot more than me. ;)
  11. I've fixed the poll to include those in limbo. :P There was a poll back in 2006 about this, although it is less specific. Poll There also was a Times article on this, which was very specific. Times
  12. If you want just a simple Excel spreadsheet, then you'll definitely want to use Google Docs. It's quite simple importing prices from the GE that way. You can import items individually, but there is a limitation on how many times you can do that per spreadsheet. (I think it's 30?) The better option is to import a search for a particular item. I have a farming calculator, so I import the search results for grimy, and use the Continue function to pull all of the grimy herbs with just one ImportHtml function. Grimy Bunyip's master spreadsheets helped me a lot in this regard. Just make a copy of one of his spreadsheets and analyze his functions. In your case, unhide the GE Data sheet and look there for help.
  13. Brb, reverse engineering where you live... o wait, that could be from Haiti to Missouri. NVM I'll figure it out yet!
  14. Excellent, thank you. Yes, I think that they should bring it up again. I would buy one. Just as long as I don't have to spin for it. :roll:
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