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  1. Well I concur. Moved to RS Media. Good luck!
  2. BOTWATCH, [bleep] yeah! Goes waste time googling for a master list of swear words contained within innocent words.... Edit: Not much is coming up. Did get a really interesting read on tmesis and infixation though. It seems that wildcarding the censor is a tricky business. You do want to censor infixation, since it's straightforward enough to see that just placing [bleep] in the middle of any word is bypassing the censor. But, in the example of botwatch, you can't just use *[bleep]* It's all a very interesting thought.
  3. Haven't logged in in quite a while, but I'm sitting around .5B <---- sounds much bigger than 500m imo :P
  4. As with most storage mediums, you don't get the full amount listed. There are a few reasons for this: 1) the actual format of the drive takes up space (NTFS, FAT32, etc) 2) the main reason is that manufacturers usually list storage capacity as base 10, rather than base 2 (binary). Computers work in binary, so a Gigabyte is actually 1024MB, but the manufactures list a GB as 1000MB. So that's why when you start approaching multiple TB storage, you are "losing" 200+ MB. Of course, it could just be a glitch. Edit: A really interesting read is the use of gibibyte vs gigabyte. It's a bit misleading that OS's use the SI prefixes for decimals when referring to binary units.
  5. Might as well have a greenie post here. :razz: In short, no, it doesn't work.
  6. Farming calc Make a copy and adjust what you have. That will give you an idea of what combination of boosts (juju, SOL, etc) you need for torstol to be the best profit.
  7. I don't quite understand your last post. If you want to put a spreadsheet online and let the user see all of that price info, go with Google Docs. If your project needs to be with Visual Studio, then just bypass Excel altogether. Based on your OP, I could whip up the smithing portion for that in about 90 minutes. The most time consuming part is getting all the xp data and figuring out the UI. I'm a bit rusty, but it's all straightforward enough. What you are looking for is ideal for Google Docs. Edit: Meredith knows a lot more than me. ;)
  8. I've fixed the poll to include those in limbo. :P There was a poll back in 2006 about this, although it is less specific. Poll There also was a Times article on this, which was very specific. Times
  9. If you want just a simple Excel spreadsheet, then you'll definitely want to use Google Docs. It's quite simple importing prices from the GE that way. You can import items individually, but there is a limitation on how many times you can do that per spreadsheet. (I think it's 30?) The better option is to import a search for a particular item. I have a farming calculator, so I import the search results for grimy, and use the Continue function to pull all of the grimy herbs with just one ImportHtml function. Grimy Bunyip's master spreadsheets helped me a lot in this regard. Just make a copy of one of his spreadsheets and analyze his functions. In your case, unhide the GE Data sheet and look there for help.
  10. Brb, reverse engineering where you live... o wait, that could be from Haiti to Missouri. NVM I'll figure it out yet!
  11. Excellent, thank you. Yes, I think that they should bring it up again. I would buy one. Just as long as I don't have to spin for it. :roll:
  12. I agree entirely with this. Btw, your post, great find (the screenshot). A few years back, Jagex came out of the idea with a USB dongle, and they even came out with a poll on it. I think the idea was scrapped because A) the poll indicated it wasn't financially feasible B) the majority of players only wanted it because it was supposed to come with extra bank slots since your account "was more secure" I'll go find the link. Edit: Why can't I find old polls?
  13. Stay home? Yes. Go stand out in the middle of the street? Hell no. I would probably poke my head out of the door for a few minutes and then go hide inside. :o That is very epic, thank you!
  14. Pack yak is amazing.. 'nuff said. Seriously, it's amazingly useful. You can always pack some summoning potions in your yak if you need to bank a lot. They are pretty much required at frosts and a few other places.
  15. I find this offensive on sooo many levels. :P
  16. Figured some weather nuts like me would be interested in what happened. :D Hurricane Isaac made its second landfall at 2:15 AM in Port Fourchon, LA before crawling inland. Interestingly enough, it was around the time of landfall that we clocked our highest gust @ 52.2 mph (84 kph). When it's pitch black outside and all you have is a flashlight, it is both exhilarating and frightening to be crouching (standing up straight becomes difficult) outside on the street while the wind is howling. What surprised me the most was that the wind can change speed and direction so quickly. We'll be standing there in 25 mph sustained blowing against our sides, then get a gust to 35 hit our backs and then have it die down to 15 mph all in the matter of seconds. Rain stings like crazy as well. My face feels like it's sun burnt. Makes it difficult to anticipate anything. (Yes, we are slightly crazy for going out at that hour.) The storm officially passed 1.5 miles south of our house, and we were in the eye of the storm for approximately 5 hours. It was amazing to go from sustained 20 mph from the NE to dead calm to 20 mph from the SW as the eye passed over us. Unluckily for us, we never did see tropical force sustained winds, despite getting the eyewall. That's still a bit baffling, since Isaac was still a hurricane when it passed over us and we should have gotten hurricane force gusts at the bare minimum; we really should have seen hurricane force sustained. As for damage around us, it was surprisingly very little. We have plenty of trees at our house, and we only lost a few limbs, with the biggest being a few inches in diameter-- most were just small branches and twigs. As for storm surge, the water did not rise very high. We have a bayou (a river basically) that borders our property, and it only rose 2 feet or so.. not much compared to other storms. We also didn't have very much rain compared to other places; only 7". Then again, before Isaac, Louisiana was one of the few states not in a drought. We were one of the few places to only have lost power for ~30 hours and Internet for ~2 days. I never would have thought I'd be posting so soon. There really aren't very many interesting pictures to post, since the strongest winds occurred from midnight to 3:00 AM. Inb4 jokes about being stupid Cajuns. :P I would gladly do it again. Glad to be back at any rate.
  17. Not quite a necro since it's still on the first page... Finally got around to learning VBA, so I wrote a UDF for The 2 functions convert from latitude and longitude to UTM coordinates and vice versa. It was a pain in the ass doing it in Excel especially for converting large numbers of coordinates. It takes just a few different cells, haha. Was nifty seeing it all in 1 cell. And it's highly accurate as I ran it against the the Corps of Engineers' calculator. Did 115,000 iterations and only 3% of the results differed by a millimeter; the rest were exact. I brought it into Visual Basic (inb4 lol), which was cool for all the error handling, but I haven't quite figured out how to run the conversions on a .txt which makes it useless for batch converting. I can import and export easily enough, just haven't got around to messing with delimited values.
  18. I'm not a big fan of justification for reading. I like the font; is that Verdana? This may just be personal preference, but I rather webpages to display text in a wider format. In this instance, if it covered all the yellow at the top that would be nice. Do note that I have 0 experience in web design, so take what I say with a grain of salt. Your article did appeal to the programmer in me, however. Was a really interesting read. :smile: Edit: Moved to Programming and Web Design.
  19. I have 0 experience with Switkit, so I'll point you here if you haven't already consulted it. Have you tried any troubleshooting from your end?
  20. I haven't touched this in a while, but it should give you a good idea of how great juju is. Just make a copy for yourself and play around with the values.
  21. I've edited your title so that it's more clear what you are advertising. ;) Please don't spam the same message over and over in your title.
  22. Why in the blazes are there 14 guests reading this? How can this thread be exciting or even remotely worth reading if you don't plan on posting? Yes, you, I'm speaking to YOU. And so this entire post isn't off-topic (is that possible?), 0.
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