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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. The spread sheet is for it to calculate the spend, gain and profit but then I want to put the spend, gain and profit on the program it self so that users can see it clear enough. If it was not possible then I would of used a fixed price where I go on the GE and grab the prices of today. I am only just learning on how to program for this one course and I want to get an A so I can probably carry on programming and get good at it. I do have other ideas if it does not work out as I planned it in my head also I am using Visual Basic 2010 for the programming due to the collage has it installed.
  3. I have a excel document that has all the ores, logs, food,bows,bow(U),bars, and other items that go with smithing, cooking, fleching and crafting that can be sold in the GE I also have in there the formula that will add up how much u need to spend, how much u will gain and how much profit there is by doing it. the cells that are blank are the prices for each item and once they are filled in all the numbers will show up but then if a price goes from say 300 to 350 then I need it to update automatic.
  4. Hi, I am doing a basic program for a college project and I have chosen Runescape for the subject and my plans for this project are: You click on a skill and a new screen pops up with information about that skill. For an example smithing The user inputs their current xp and it will show their current level and also they input target level that the want to get and it will show them a guide on how to get to that level and show them what they can spend. how much they gain and what the profit they get from it. my question is: How can I contact who is in charge and ask them about it and how to put the GE prices in a Excel Document and keep it up to date with any price changes to the GE. example: Current XP: 12 Current Level: 1 Target Level: 30 Suggested Bar: Bronze Bar guide Items need: 2154 Copper Ore 2154 Tin Ore Spend: (how much they will have to spend) Gain: (how much will they gain) Profit (how much profit that they made) This is a project and probably will not be used on a site for anyone to access it.
  5. OK that is understandable and I don't care that is has not updated since it was last updated. I would just like to play it again and have some fun in a runescape text based game and I also have noticed that you did take it off the tip.it site because that was puzzling me when I was trying to find it lol.
  6. Ok well if anyone sees him or her online can you send them to my thread please because I was just thinking it through if it has shut down (probably due to lack of interest or activity) then why is the site still up and running?
  7. That is a shame because it was a good text based runescape and it will be missed :(
  8. I just remembered ages ago I use to play Arenascape and then quit after a while due to computer problems and now I want to go back on it again and I could not remember my old password/username. I went to create an account and that went well and it said to check my email and that is what I did and noticed there is not one in there (inbox and spam) and I looked around for the contact us and it brought me here and look in the forums for advice and someone said 3 days so I thought no big deal I can wait and now it has been 3 whole days and still no email for activation. Best next thing was to login to see if it was an old message that was not redirected and requested a new code and it keep comming up with in the middle of the screen E R R O R What can I do or who can I contact to get my account activated? Thanks in advance
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