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  1. I quit playing probably 6 months to a year ago, but I have heard some of the bigger news and updates through friends who still play. What Im looking for right now is a decent way to reach my goal of getting 99 range. What are some of the fastest xp rates in range. I will probably also swap methods a few times to get rid of the monotony. I believe my stars are in ym sig, but if not, I have 94 range
  2. I do use momentum for most tasks, if that changes anything
  3. So im looking to round out my slaying weapons, and a few im not sure if im using the best for me or not. Keep in mind chaotics are out and Ive got about 10m to spend to upgrade where needed. Melee Slash-Vine whip/EE offhand Crush-Saradomin Sword Stab-Zamorakian Spear Range- Thrown-Sagaie(sp?) Arrows-Crystal Bow Bolts-Rune cbow/offhand rune cbow with broad bolts Mage Mystic elemental stave when I want the stave Batwing wand when I want a shield
  4. Since the economy tanked, my school district canceled all field trips to save money. Today, my sociology class went on a field trip. My first field trip in 5 years is also during my last year of highschool, so I was stoked. Our destination? The local jail of course. Anyway, remind me to never ever ever get arrested. The jail was creepy. It smelled bad, and was just scary. The inmates just stared at us the entire time we were there (yea, we were in the same rooms and everything). It was a super depressing place because there were next to no windows at all. Im one of those people who always has to be doing something. Writing, doodling, building, playing, something at all. I would go insane with nothing to do all day. So yea, dont ever get arrested. Its a scary place. In other news, netflix just got the new episodes of How I Met Your Mother. This is the best show ever. Needless to say, I shall be finished with the entire season by friday. Scaping wise, I may or may not slack from my slaying to work on getting the levels to do the new quest. I kinda liked the the other tzhaar quests, which for me is abnormal. I dont usually like quests. So yea, I guess Ill see ya'll later
  5. Well thats just all around stupid. Also, are charms double too? I havent really been paying attention
  6. So neither of the bones get crushed? because I dont think im getting any prayer xp at all And yea, im in the tunnels
  7. Im doing my slayer task of dust devils. As Im merrily slaying away, I notice that as I kill them, the bones keep dropping on the ground. Why isnt the bonecrusher burying them for me? They are jsut regular bones, but I still want my xp.
  8. While this sounds nice, a personal goal of mine for the EoC is to do all my slaying according to specific monster weaknesses
  9. So yea, I was just there. Using just the antifire potion, I was barely able to kill one dragon with my unicorn. Seem like atleast every third shot was dragonfire and it just slammed me
  10. On my quest to increase my mastery of the slaying of beasts, I was given an arduous task. The task of killing a few of the mighty blue dragons. Now, on a tangent quest, I was given a powerful crystal bow. This bow is so powerful, it requires both of my hands to shoot it. See, this becomes a problem now. The awesome blue dragons are weak to my powerful bow, but they also have a powerful, smelly breath. I may be a brave adventurer (or so Im always told) but I cannot hope to withstand the smelliness of their breath without an anti-dragonfire shield. And since I need this shield, I cant use my awesome bow. I know there is a potion to solve my problem, but I am a rather poor adventurer, and cannot afford to learn how to make this potion. What are my current options to deal with this conundrum?
  11. Its been a few days, mostly because Im lazy. In the time since the last update, all I have managed to do is get 86 magic from superheating gold, which put me at 76 smithing. Yay. Now, I said before that I was planning on selling off all my armor and stuff. Well, thanks to a poop economy, I couldnt sell a single item. So, since I still had all my armor and what not, i relapsed into slaying as is my want. So yea, Ive been slaying like crazy today. Still not a huge fan of the new combat and all, but it sure is nice being able to mostly 2 it nechs on task. Other than that life is pretty slow right now. Oh, all I need to start writing my new story is a good female character name. I was thinking of either Annabel or Elizabeth with Lizzie for short. The main character's name is gonna be Owen. So if ya'll have any input, feel free to tell me
  12. As one of the main demographic targets for Jagex, I personally would also love the ideas of non-EoC worlds or whatever they might implement. I like the hot bar for everything but combat. The abilities just annoy me, and the fact that most of the monsters arent aggressive anymore just irks me to no end.
  13. I guess Ill start with my in game activities for once. I have made a drastic decision. That decision is to sell most of my combat gear (bandos, weapons, that stuff) and put most of that cash into getting my stats up. I made the goal a while ago to get 70 in all skills, and then 75 and so on. But, as I work on them, I get bored and go back to my fall back plan of slayer. Selling the vast majority of my stuff not only allows me to have cash to spend on the money skills, it also forces me to work on skilling. Without my beloved slayer gear, how can I slay? Hopefully this pays out and I dont relapse and rebuy all my gear. So far it seems to be working, and I am steadily burning my way through the 11k gold ores I have to super heat. I havent actually sold anything yet, so if any of you are looking to get some shiny new bandos armor, or maybe a new Saradomin Sword, or even a wicked Zamorakian Spear, feel free to message me and we can work something out. If you mention my blog, I might knock off a few hundred k or so. And for the defense masters our there, Ive still got an Amulet of Fury and a powerful Berserker Ring. So yea, buy my stuff if you want it. Now, onto the fun part. Finally got enough friends online at once to play the new grief mode in Black Ops II zombies. Basically, you are put on two teams, the CIA and the CDC (center for disease control). Then you are unceremoniously pitched into a closed zombie map with each other, with a single goal. Be the last team standing. You cant shoot each other, but you can manuver the zombies so the other team gets swarmed. Plus, power ups like max ammo and insta-kill are only given to the team that collects them. In our game, my team kept getting lucky and getting all the max ammos. We eventually were the last team standing, even after one of our team mates disconnected twice. So yea, This is probably one of the best new features of the new Black Ops game.
  14. Kinda wish there was an autosave feature that you could come back too. Oh well, not too many complaints here
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