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  1. Cheers buddy I'm going with the gano method. Just wondering what did you use in your shield slot? I don't have any of the dungeoneering 200k shields and I have other items I want to spend the tokens on. I was considering dragonfire but it gives a negative mage bonus, I could use my zammy book but I'm a tad worried my set-up leaves me pretty vulnerable to the rangers.
  2. Well I keep being pestered to get a fire cape as I should have one considering my stats, thought I'd give it a go very soon and so I'm wondering which method is best for my stats.. cmb: 126 att: 92 str:93 def:92 range: 91 mage: 91 hp: 97 So far I've looked at a few guides and it seems my options are.. 1) Range & guthans, though this seems to be more of a lower level option? 2) Purely range using rune bolts/broad bolts and diamond(e) on jad, I'd wear armadyls. 3) Gano and polypore method, though I don't have the herb level for extreme pots. any advice folks?
  3. Does the Livid farm version take you nearer the patch then the regular Trollheim tele then? Also thanks guys, seems I'll level hunter. Hopefully hunting red sallys isn't glitched as it was a fair few months back..
  4. Since getting 99 farm I've left the skill alone, even herb runs. However I really should get back into doing them between tasks so I have two questions... 1) Is herb farming viable without using juju farming potions? They weren't around when I last farmed and I'd need to level hunter from 67 to 74. 2) Assuming I did use juju pots, do people pick & re-plant all 5 patches in a 5 min period (that the potion lasts) or do they pick and not re-plant to save time and go and re-plant afterwards?
  5. Ah nostalgia. Killing those zammy guys in Taverly dungeon as they dropped a ton of herbs (unids back then), selling unids for 1k each. Obviously flax picking Also w66 law running, give you the ess back and the laws! Then you go sell them, especially in f2p when some bought laws for like 1k each! Over a period of years Barrows was my main way to make money, it's not worth it really these days, but last summer prices did spike and doing 1k chests to calculate the odds of a barrows item got me a fair bit of cash.
  6. Just ranging in kuras dung atm and I'm noticing the rings +40 damage to hits doesn't seem to be working. Example.. without ring on, 95xp nets me a hit of 177-178. With ring on, 95 xp nets me.. 177-178. No effect I'm recording xp and the hit it gives with and without ring equipped, ring is having no effect at the moment.. It does say it applies to all forms of combat.. =/
  7. ah okay. Well atm I polypore the metal drags, I was thinking tasks like hounds, greaters, blue drags and abyssals. I'm trying to use range on all tasks feasible to level it up. So karils crossbow is an option..didn't consider that tbh and I do have like 4k racks. Aren't broad equal to addy bolts? I use them over rune just because they're so cheap, but I'd try dragon darts on hounds, greaters etc.
  8. With a fero ring adding 40 to each hit, what's best to use when ranging? Atm I use a rune cbow with broad bolts, but I'm wondering if black knives rival it because of the speed advantage? I'm lvl 90 range.
  9. Just wondering if offensively Gano is superior enough to warrant the expense of its use over Ahrims? The sort of things I'm thinking of are slayer tasks I feel like maging, metal drags mainly.
  10. Sadly I haven't quested enough to even start the tower, says I don't have enough bosses unlocked haha. But cheers c maul for now it is.
  11. Another 224 wfs task, le sigh. Anyways right now I use a zammy spear on them but I have 400k tokens, would getting a c maul be worthwhile, is it significantly better then a z spear at wfs? I'm holding off using all my tokens till after eoc for dual wielding.
  12. Got to say I'm finding it a bit iffy, just had my account hacked and I'm not exactly confident I'll get it back before I've lost all my items. I didn't play Wednesday and went to log in Thursday evening, pass didn't work and when I tried to re-set it my email address wasn't registered with the account. I made a new account quickly and posted in the "lost control of my account" topic in the account help sub-forum to get my account locked down, however all posts are hidden, including what I'd posted, so I have no idea if anyone will act on it. I also emailed their account recovery address with information, but it states in the auto-reply that it can take 2 weeks for a response! I have a bank-pin but that'll get re-set in 3 days, I cannot fathom how with any reasonable number of customer service agents, an address for account recovery queries can take 2 weeks to get a response. I really do hope I get something sooner..
  13. My herblore is 84 bordering on 85..hmm so selling might be the idea..
  14. Right I've been meaning to make a load of brews for ages but now they're crashing (down 40% in a month...) I'm not sure what to do.. I have around 3.5k toadflax, same number of nests (well more like 4k nests). Right now sara brews are 4.6k, nests 5k and toadflax 2.3k. Is it better to sell my ingredients now and use the money to see if other routes give me better gp/xp rates in herblore?
  15. Have ancients had any sort of damage buff? Now surge spells only need elemental runes it makes them very cheap..I've stocked up on elemental runes. But I have a ton of bloods and deaths, like 15k each. If ancients aren't going to be worth using then they're going to totally crash in price..dunno whether to sell now or wait to see how things go.
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