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  1. Major Dash


    I know I really only lurk, but I am a +1 for team murrica.
  2. Goon has the best looking [kitty], so I have to vote for him.
  3. Major Dash


    Really? That surprises me tbh. The MAC near me is the place that sell the most "drag" type stuff and has all of the gay male beauty Youtuber posters and advertisements. However, I frequent Ulta/Sephora much more often than MAC, so maybe I'm just out of the loop these days. I also know that you're not gay, but I guess I would as closely relate the gay clientele to the MTF trans audience. Maybe I'm mistaken in that regard.
  4. Major Dash


    What's a non-queer-friendly makeup store even look like? Every time I go into a makeup place, I always see gay guys as customers or employees. I'm very curious as to what place you've been in and felt out of place in? Honestly, I always feel out of place as a straight guy in those places.
  5. Major Dash


    Most of those places don't really get fixed. Even if they get 'fixed' in the episode, they shut down. After each episode, go and look the restaurant on Google or Yelp to see if it closed. It seems that 9/10 of those places all closed within a year of getting 'fixed' due to them going back to the same old crap.
  6. Major Dash


    I changed my brake pads on Friday, but didn't really get around to driving the car until yesterday. The rotors seemed fine at first, but the brakes were pulsating. I had to go back out and get new rotors and re-do the brake pads as well, what a pain.
  7. You use the keystones to get into the boss room to fight the boss who drops the untradeable signet rings required to make the bows.
  8. Major Dash


    Screw the PAL/NTSC divide.
  9. The video clearly shows that they attacked someone under you and not actually you. Look at their first damage hit of 12. Your hp doesn't go down. They also only used the maul spec twice that entire clip. You really need to stay out of the wilderness if you don't even know when the opponent is using spec on you or not.
  10. Major Dash


    The title themes and menu themes have gotten progressively worse since Melee (Brawl isn't bad, just not as good). The fact that you have to play the 15 hour long story mode to get the Melee menu music is a real PITA.
  11. Major Dash


    how the [bleep] does that even happen lmao I've passed out in the shower before, but I have no clue how you just fall asleep standing up unless you are extremely sleep deprived or have a medical condition.
  12. Major Dash


    2019 is going to be huge and scary, but exciting too.
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