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  1. I need to go to bed but I have gotten to level 46 in mining in one day. What held me back was that my smithing levels are too low to make steel or mithril. Currently level 15 in smithing. I need to get to bed but tomorrow I find out the limits of the metal bank and to see if I can level up smithing any faster.
  2. Is RuneScape Fan art or FanFIcs allowed here? I like to write and create art in various forms. I was wondering if I can bring that here?
  3. The main reason I do not play OSRS with my main is that the gender is wrong in for that account.
  4. I noticed it was out but I have not tried playing it that much. I only tried with my main where the character in OSRS turns out to be male but I rather that character be female. I do not remember how to change the gender to female. Might see if I can use my new IronMan account with OSRS.
  5. Is botting the same thing as not logging off when leaving the computer to do something else such as eat dinner or use the restroom or something else? Since the mining update I sometimes start mining something then leave the computer temporarily and then come back.
  6. I had something similar happen to my main account. I did find some bad ore but not sure if it just went bad in my bank.
  7. Hi! I am bored, but I have plenty to do, but I do not want to do any of it.
  8. Miss Bad Wolf


    Today I started an IronMan RuneScape 3 account. I am about to make an iron pickax for that account so I can start mining iron then a steel one to mine coal and etc etc etc. Right now I am thinking of having a snack before it is too late and procrastinating on sweeping the hallway.
  9. I had the free version but not sure if it is installed right now on my iPad. Thanks for letting us know about the lack of development.
  10. I am getting back into Runescape again. Hopefully it is okay to post here instead of creating a third thread in this section and second one to say hi again. I just learned about IronMan Runescape. Well the fact I had to start a new account in order to be IronMan. I am also excited about the new mining/Smithing update and it has made those two skills fun again. I need to take a break from watching football and playing Runescape to take a shower.
  11. Cool! I am going to check it out tonight after my shower or tomorrow when I am not working. I usually watch YouTube videos on my TV, but watching football right now. I can follow the channels I guess until I am ready to watch it.
  12. I have been diagnosed with ADD and OCD. It is such a combination in real life and in RuneScape. Since this is a Runescape forum I will talk about how it affects my game. I tend to get distracted easily and have difficulty focusing on one thing. Right now I am watching Football which is in over time. I am typing this post up. I am also thinking of working on my website but playing two different RuneScape games at the same time, one P2P and one F2P. I am also browsing a 3D art web forum. The P2P is right now opening all the geodes collected. The F2P is working on mining with an occasional break to do smithing. I am trying to see how high I can get the mining in on one day. The Rams just won while I was typing up this post. o.0 I do get hyper focused on one skill and ignore the rest. I also tend to collect a lot of almost everything and have difficulty getting rid of stuff. In my main (the P2P) I have a lot of stuff in the nine tabs. My main has random amount of xp in each skills. It depends on what I am focusing on at the time. I hate Runesphere because I want to use up all the rune essence but get bored of it before it happens.
  13. Wait how does one find the adventurer log? I know I played a lot today but not sure how to tell how much. I am not sure how much I will play this year but I am pretty sure I will not play this much everyday. That is average an hour a day but today I played several hours.
  14. I have just created an ironman character and right now trying to see how fast and how high I can get the mining level up. I got the character's mining level up to 32, but I am looking for a better mining spot than Burthrope. I am still a F2P member so I know that will limit things until I can get a bond or find real money to upgrade, but I doubt that would be today. The only two skills I have worked on since starting this account after lunch was Mining and some smithing but mainly mining. I have not activated any lodestones other than the Burthrope and Lumbridge because they were already activated for me. I am also working on my regular character on mining to reach level 80 in mining so I can use the new pickax I made.
  15. I was looking for a Runescape forum as I am back with Runescape. When I was last active I was part of a guild but now I am not. I am a member for right now but trying to figure out how to extend my membership. I am a member right now as I had enough gold for a bond, but that was almost two weeks ago and I am trying to figure out if I can find a way to buy RS membership or get a new bond or something.
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