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  1. Comment on the subject of his avatar being too big or about what the size of avatars should be? Locking topics like that isn't counter-productive. Now leaving them open is when the rest of the posts added on are just reiterating points made earlier in the thread. Speaking of reiterating points and reading comprehension, how about re-reading my earlier posts to see why I would have wanted to post in that thread to help out other forum users. You also seem to have missed the entire point of the comment you replied to there. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of reading comprehension and the fact that no one is perfect.
  2. Thanks for the respect Phil, I'll be sure to show you the same in return. I would have liked to have commented on that thread as It took me many tries to come up with a Runescape name that was not supposedly taken. I think you need to work on your reading comprehension and exercise your sense of humour a little. This is a forum on Runescape, I think there should be at least a little flexibility in discussion, its not like we're deciding the future of the world here. Try and take yourselves a little less seriously. Here is another perfect example of a valid comment for discussion that has been unjustly locked: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=661077 Yes, the thread title is all caps which is annoying and now against the rules here, but it is a new user and a simple reminder not to shout and a link to the rules would have sufficed. All locking that thread will do is serve to alienate a new user and potentially reduce your advertising revenue should that user choose not to return after having been treated like that.
  3. The benefits of java are exactly the same as its drawbacks. Of course a multiplatform client written in C++ would perform much better and reduce the heat strain on your cpu, but very few people are being taught C++ today. It is a real shame, but most schools are teaching java almost exclusively now.
  4. And as I mentioned earlier, this is counterproductive to the actual goal of reducing replication. The next time someone wants to comment on that subject they will create a new thread and have their say, creating an additional load on the database (more so than simply one more comment in an existing thread). Then it will be locked, and so on and so on... Is there something wrong with this logic?
  5. Here is a perfect example of the rampant AR here: http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=661026 There is no good reason that thread should have been locked. None. I am sorry, but that is a perfectly reasonable discussion to have in a general forum. Particularly because it is obvious that Jagex has blocked names that are not actually in use by anyone. Spam? You have not seen spam. Forum spam is when someone writes a script that makes thousands of posts through random proxies on multiple accounts consisting of links to goatse or similarly disgusting images. The moderation here could easily be overwhelmed by such a script to the point where the board would have to be closed for a time. (Note this is not a threat, just an illustration of what forum spam actually is). I fully recognise that, and if you had read my posts more carefully you would see that I have acknowledged that fact and for exactly that reason suggested a peer and administrative review process for all moderation actions. (Can you see the irony in the need for me to reiterate this?) Anyway, its not like its the end of the world, or that this really matters in the grand scheme of things. I'll live with it either way, it just bears saying and repeating until the problem is acknowledged. As I have stated elsewhere, the main site content of skill guides, quest guides, the item database etc. and overall quality of design and presentation more than makes up for the the way the forums are run. The site would still be worthwhile to me if there were no forums here at all. If it bothers me that much I will simply skip the forums and continue to use the rest of the site as the valuable Runescape resource and reference that it is.
  6. It only took about 20 minutes to see that there is a problem. I'm sure I will feel the same way in a years time if nothing changes. Why should I hold back my constructive criticism? Locking threads like you do here is partly what results in the many duplicates, your policy of thread locking is counterproductive to your actual goal, it is plain to see. Deny it all you like, that is the fact of the matter, the length of my membership here is totally irrelevant. Don't like my opinion? Fine, ignore it and spare me the straw man arguments.
  7. I was denied the opportunity to state that the avatar in question could have been optimised to <8KB with Adobe ImageReady in one click, virtually unaffected. Another user posted that it took some fussing about in another program. I guess that information I had to offer was not useful even though it was not yet known? PM'ing a moderator to unlock threads so that normal discourse can continue should not be necessary.
  8. Is that really necessary? Surely you can make your point without being insulting. Cruelty to animals is diagnostic of sociopathic and psychopathic conditions. Cruelty to fellow gamers is, well, just plain rude.
  9. Randoms are random. Get it? :wink:
  10. A five year old Mac is far from archaic, and most likely does not need to be replaced unless it can no longer do the jobs being asked of it. I am using an eight year old PC that I built myself, it still outperforms many brand new PCs. Newer is not always better.
  11. According to Secunia, Safari 1.x has no severe unpatched vulnerabilities: http://secunia.com/product/1543/ I took a look at the Apple site for Safari, but it is geared to sell you the latest version of OS X, and does not provide any information on patches available for various safari versions. Be aware that Apple has released a number of security patches for OS X in the last six months, but I am not an apple user and am not familiar with how to patch an OS X system, nor is it clear on the very graphics heavy Apple website. The following forums would probably be more useful to you regarding Mac OS X and Safari security questions: http://discussions.apple.com/index.jspa?categoryID=1 http://discussions.apple.com/category.j ... goryID=169 Also, I expect the moderators to move this thread to the Tech and Computers section of this forum: http://forum.tip.it/viewforum.php?f=45 Hopefully, they will not simply lock the thread, as I am sure that more experienced Mac users will have some better advice to offer. In general you probably do not need to worry about a keylogger, however you should still practice safe web browsing habits and keep all your software updated.
  12. If you are using Safari on MacOS, then you do not need to worry about ActiveX controls. (ActiveX controls are kind of like flash or java - they are add ins that enable the browser to do more stuff) Give me a moment to look up Safari 1.3.2 and see if there are any unpatched vulnerabilities you need to be aware of.
  13. You probably do not need to worry about a keylogger. 1) Norton is itself a virus, it will cripple your computer with no useful benefits whatsoever. Should your subscription expire on later versions it will lock your internet connection, pure unadulterated extortion. I am amazed that Symantec has not felt the long arm of the law on this one yet. 2) "Drive by installs" are generally only possible with Internet Explorer (IE) that is set to run all ActiveX controls by default. (Or browsers based on the IE browser control such as Maxthon) It is not a myth. Older versions of IE are extremely vulnerable to this but newer version have more sensible default settings on activex control permissions. If you insist on using IE, then get to know the security settings well and use the security zones, otherwise use Firefox or Opera and eliminate many security issues. However, if you are using an unpatched version of a browser with known flaws then it is possible through buffer overflows and the like to perform a "Drive by install". So whatever browser you use, use the latest version and be aware of any unpatched vulnerabilities. Also, do not visit pron, warez, or mp3 sites without using a very solid sandbox environment such as a virtual machine or a machine that you are willing to sacrifice and wipe all disks and re-install the OS if needed. Since you are using a Mac you do not need to worry so much about such keyloggers and trojans as the vast majority are written for the windows platform. There are a few out there that affect the Mac but there is little to no financial gain to be had by writing them, thus there are very few. It is too bad that you have contaminated your computer with a Norton AV product, most unfortunate. Get to know your operating system and how to view all running processes. Identify them all. Find an anti-rootkit product for your platform that will reveal any processes hidden from you by corruption of the kernel.
  14. I can only conclude that the Runescape developers and admins have extremely dirty minds and somehow this word is included in their own personal lexicon of perversion. (Oh yeah, google me baby, you know I love it when you google me like that... Oh! I think I'm going to google!) :roll:
  15. The only logical reason to object to the ditch is if you have lost income through a reduced ability to lure people into the wilderness. All other objections are simply cover excuses for lurers. Thus, if you object to the ditch you must be a lurer.
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