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  1. nice all that work erminy woot oprahastic GUIDE! keep in coming! 10/10
  2. how many chins will it take from 70 to 80?
  3. right now i'm cannoning 13k cannon balls from 65 and iron kniving at the same time what level range will that get me? If i started chinning at lvl 70 range how much xp a hour would i get and how many chins would be needed? and how much? to 80 range first then 99? thxs
  4. right now i'm lvl 53 range and using iron knives at ogre's was wondering would cannon and knives be faster to level 80 range? BUT HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST TO CANNON AND IRON KNIVE TO 80 RANGE? and where and what should I kill? Planning to do normal chins from 80 to 99 anyone know the costs? or CAN I START CHINNING RIGHT NOW? but looking to get 150k per a hour if i start now or i can't hit decent with chins right now? thxs for all the help Also how much xp per a hour do get if 53 range on ogre's?
  5. fishing is blah and cowy thxs for all the help btw well more $ is better but blah prefer something combat related to train it up
  6. Snice merchanting died i'm unempolyed XP and can't even make a decent buck was wondering what else could i do? PREFERED IF COMBAT RELATED BUT I'LL TAKE ANYTHING thxs Also recently added how long would a decent range lvl for the armdalyl boss from lvl 50 take? all stats listed and play around sometimes 5 hours a day thxs for help 70 att 70 Str 60 def 49 pray 50 range 82 magic 70 craft 82 wc 78 farm 78 fish 64 mining and smithing 50 fletch 80 cook 20 slayer 21 rc 32 heb The rest are are all under lvl 40 so bah thxs again
  7. Congras you banana! :o lol why did u put ur bloo next to the yew? :P many more 99's to come for you :o pepper_all10 FTW! :XD:
  8. Sell them to a collecter? Xp Brain age on DS gets boring after a while i've played #-o
  9. Dude thxs so much! you and I are sooo having babies together... not really but thanks!
  10. congras! how long did 99 farming take you XP
  11. WOOT! looking hawt XP jk how long did it take you always end up mashing the play doh so squzeable :P lol 5 dollar gift card what can u buy at toys r us with that :P
  12. 10/10 for the working it bah after the 2nd time woulda been like *oprah slaps the tok* XP
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