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  1. Wherefore art thou Who Le Ow :(

  2. You're misinterpreting the visible spectrum with the electronic color spectrum. This is the order of the 10's capes Consider the volume of a cube: Where the Cartesian coordinates (with range x;y;z at 1;1;1) are in a Euclidean space. In the electronic color spectrum, the origin (0,0,0) is the color black; this is because there is no color contribution from Red/Green/Blue. On the other hand, 1,1,1 is white, due to full contribution from all colors. If we let X be the intensity of red, Y the intensity of blue, and Z the intensity of green, then as we fix X and Y at 0, by increasing Z, color becomes more green. If we start at 0,0,1, and end at 0,1,0, then you would get the sequence of colors as on the capes: To skip all the Calculus jargon, the 10's cape starts at Full Green, then by adding and taking away contributions from Red and Blue, we get the color order.
  3. Although that may be a partial factor, it wasn't really a huge influence. Granted I was known within my own grade, I was never the popular type. My competitors were also well known within the grade, even though they had only attended the school for a year. The main reason funny wins is because it appeals to the lower grades (who, for the most part, you wouldn't know anyone in). In Canada (at least my part of Canada), high school consists of 5 grades (8 to 12). The 12's don't vote since they graduate in a month after the election, making it pointless. That leaves 8 to 11 as the demographic. Even if you are extremely popular within your own grade (which would be 11, since you have to be currently in grade 11 to run), that still leaves the 8-10 demographic untouched. Throwing random statistics out there, perhaps at most 10% will be influenced by any campaigning or whatnot you do. Even so there's 90% that really don't give a damn. Hell if the election assembly didn't let the students miss class, I doubt there would be as much of a turn out. So that aforementioned 90% will be completely reliant on the speech you give. For us, there was no bashing of competitors; basically the speech had to be clean. Therefore, you can't focus on how you're better than _ or how _ can't do _ because of _. You have to market yourself through a funny speech. Funny sticks; everything else just goes in one end and leaves the other.
  4. All you need is a funny speech. If you're funny, you get elected. I was elected for that reason. Didn't waste my time campaigning, making posters, etc. I wasn't even interested in student council. I only ran out of spite because the only other candidates were students who transferred from another school for IB. No doubt they only wanted to win to put something fancy on their letters while applying for universities. Didn't feel right that the president for my graduating year was someone who wasn't at the school for their entire high school career; no loyalty and all that. So I ran and won. It's not necessarily a popularity contest, but the funny guy will most of the time win.
  5. Speaking of which... Wasn't there a Mrs. Slug (or Purple Slug) that was an admin back then? You're thinking of fat_slug
  6. Most of the oldies here either have quit, or simply lurk as they'd simply be flooded out by the new generation of trolls, etc; SODB clanchat is "sodbforum"; I'm sure if you went there you wouldn't get instantly banned. Granted you were banned, like years ago? But times change and it's not like we haven't let other "banned" members back.
  7. Happy birthday :D

  8. Butterfly hunting is primarily for Hunter experience with Agility as a bonus (I believe the best butterfly offers 500 Hunter, 100 Agility). Since the chance of catching a butterfly is random, coupled with the fact that each spawn isn't relatively close to another, doing Agility courses is the best route to take. Even without considering the aforementioned factors, Agility courses are superior experience, which would make sense due to the nature of the activity.
  9. Tesset

    You again...

  10. This thread doesn't belong with the rest of these "rants". It's simply a story with a moral, and a minority of a once proliferate community displaying the now elusive act of kindness. :thumbup:
  11. Topic of the year. If only the mods would leave it alone.
  12. 70 Hunter to box trap common Jadinkos for the chance of getting an Ugune seed, and 70 Farming to plant and harvest that seed.
  13. Gold is always superior, since you mine it quicker and it gives more experience (What a contradiction). However, keeping a Coal bag with you anyways is a viable option since you can mine Coal when the two closest gold deposits are unavailable.
  14. Take it from me, someone who's completed their house statue as well as continuing to do this D&D, the quickest way to get a Hunter rock is through box trapping Penguins. I tend to get both within ~15 minutes. The alternative I've been using as of late is Jadinko hunting, which takes longer for rocks, but you get those valuable herb seeds.
  15. Who


    As already mentioned, depending on the culture, a kiss can be a big deal, or just an everyday thing. Personally, I think that the whole romantic kissing idea stems from media exposure; this guy likes this girl and they kiss at the end of a movie / TV series, etc. Kissing generally is of higher interest the younger you are, and would depreciate as you got older. Interestingly enough (or perhaps more obviously enough), the peak of this interest is during puberty. If someone was kissing someone else in elementary school, most of the time it is due to curiosity, which again stems from media exposure of the whole idea of kissing. But most of the time kissing at such a young age is uncommon; 'cooties' helps keep the gender barrier consistent. During puberty, people tend to be more sexually curious. A kiss would therefore be the lowest kind of physical contact with a partner (aside from touching, holding hands, etc). After the age range of puberty, the whole kissing thing becomes a novelty. If you have ever kissed before, and I assume many of you have, then you would probably realize that it isn't that big of a deal. But for those that haven't (and for the record I'm 18 and haven't), it remains an enigma. The first kiss is usually the important one; it's the experience of trying something new and that is what constitutes the whole mentality of why anyone cares if you've ever kissed or not.
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