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  1. Definitely the Golden Age of RS, 04-06
  2. Durial32 - complete boss. 6/6/6 massacre. Zezima - self explanatory. N0valyfe - probably started the stupid trend of "efficiency", but a great player nonetheless. Cursed You - great staker. I Mahatma I, 3 Hit U, Sparc Mac, Kids Ranqe - famous pkers. Duke Freedom, Chessy018 - Rich beyond belief.
  3. It'd be nice if clans or rouges (Individuals) could launch attacks on other clan citadels, IMO, that'd be absolutely awesome
  4. Can anyone let me know how much phats go for nowadays?
  5. Zezima, Durial321, Elvemage, and Sparc Mac without a doubt.
  6. No offense, youd have to be the sickest loser to even attempt this lol
  7. He used to be second overall after zezima right? Then he passed away, which is ironic because that guy in the pic is saying it :mellow: That was back when there were only 3 Zezimas (I use his name synonymously with maxed players): Zezima, The Old Nite, and N0valyfe. Poor guy. He maxed his stats before construction came out. Then N0valyfe briefly overtook Zezima as number one for two weeks. Then hunter came out, and N0valyfe stopped playing and Zezima took the number one spot again, only to lose it forever when summoning came out. 2006, good times. Rares were stagnating alarmingly, Duke Freedom was in full operation, Leesters was still around, and Muggiwhplar wasn't banned yet. 2006 was the best... By far my favourite year in RuneScape.. And that screenshot is kind of creepy tbh o_O Haha, yea, and theres lots of stuff going on in just 5 lines of chat. I also remember seeing Duke Freedom's bank picture, it was :shock: omg this was the golden age of runescape. i miss it. :( good times.
  8. Shouldn't even be opened. I don't open any emails regarding runescape period. It's pointless, and it's not as if you couldn't find whatever they're trying to tell you on the website anyway.
  9. Can other clans pillage and invade other citadels? Can citadels be visited by guests?
  10. Qft. Just stop whining. They won't go away.
  11. Bots, imo, lower prices so I dont really care about them. Ill report them if they get in my way, but otherwise more power to them
  12. ARE YOU KIDDING? Thats just crazy, you're out of your mind, not that many people.
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