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  1. Sounds like the actual whingers are those desperately trying to convince themselves EOCscape will prevail. Many people gave up on Jagex years ago, especially since the MMG takeover, and had little faith in any 'update for the sake of it' they implemented. While it would be nice to roll back to the Gower brother days, 2007scape is sufficient enough for me, and a far better game than what it is now.
  2. Because '11 and '12 sucked. Pre pc was the best but I'm happy enough with the current version
  3. Don't know if anyone remembers me, player since August 2001, still appreciated the transition to RS2 from classic and enjoyed it..... Right up until the events of 2008 onwards to my eventual leaving in 2010. I believe pest control was the first thing that ruined this game, and updates since have expanded upon this. I will be very interested and excited to see what these servers have to offer.
  4. Bro 99 fletch before fletch-x. I feel ripped off. Game became a serious easy issue the day pest control was released, and was the first time I quit. The second time was restricted trade, and this time it's recruit a friend. I'd like to say I won't come back, but the loving community keeps me around.
  5. Woooo Na'Vi, was sheer domination. They definetly deserved it.
  6. I'm very excited for the release of DotA 2 as I am quite a big original DotA player. Been watching this tournament and catching up on replays where possible. I know it's difficult to watch for people who are unfamiliar with DotA, but here's a highlight video I made of Ehome vs Scythe. I made another one but without commentary as a test, and I didn't like it as much. Atm I can do one a day, so I'm going to work on uploading another one tommorrow. Let me know what you think :) Can't wait to pwn some HoN and LoL noobs.
  7. Happy birthday :D

  8. Lilyuffie88 trained in taverly blue dragons for long periods at a time. 80+ combat back then was pretty massive, it's sad to see how easy it is these days and how many noobs 138s there actually are. I guess that's what happens when you make the game insanely easy compared to back then.
  9. I seem to have to say it everytime, it's getting old. As long as they are paying, Jagex doesn't care about botters. They have clearly demonstrated they care more about profits than a clean game. Please stop "coming up with ideas for jagex to stop botters." They could do it if they wanted to, but they don't care anymore.
  10. Suomi will be the most loved #1 position out of anyone when he obtains it, followed by Zezima. He'll need to hit #1 for the general population to catch on, as most people right now don't understand how insane he is <3: Been a supporter since page 5 of this thread when you guys all laughed at me for even suggesting he'll be first to 200m all :lol: <3 You Suomi
  11. Sounds like you have a problem with people being successful. Having a girlfriend, sex, alcohol, etc is not strange. Languages are needed for travel. Astronaut.. didn't see anybody that said that. But yes, some people do have great careers. Stop hatin' Probs should re-read my post lad.
  12. Plenty of people already gamble in RS, whether it's illegitimate dicing or boxing. Yes and I think its really stupid. Lol you care about your rs geepees over your rl money? I think that's really stupid.
  13. Please lock this thread. It's just an excuse for kids to go: No I r not addicted, I has sex, girlfriend, learning 100 languages, i drink alchomohols, currently learning to become astronaut so dats pretty kewl rs is just game I r too smart to care about it. There are some good discussions from people relating to the topic starter and I think that's the kind of feedback he wants. Please keep the ego off the thread, it doesn't contribute in the least, and it makes some of you look like tools who value junior high school way too much. As for me, I'm not addicted, but I definetly agree with it filling a void - especially after exams and in winter. It's basically all I do during this time period <3: As long as I'm having fun I think it's ok, but I do get in trouble from wifey about the dishes sometimes haha. <3:
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