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  1. Alright well I don't play runescape anymore but I still like to keep up with it. Recently everyone is just complaining about bots and how they're ruining the game. I guess I should say there are two kinds of bots. -gold farmers which are the ones with granite plate d legs d med and such just killing random monsters and then there are players who bot. There is a greater outbreak of gold farmer bots than there are players botting. I figured that one of the best ways jagex could stop botting from goldfarmers is to get in contact to paypal and other money transferring sites. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to post this but the company THS international is the company that gives the money to a player or recieves it when items are sold or bought. I belive websites like "blank"4rs and other gold farming sites are connected with this. I also did some research and found out that Wow gold farmers use THS international. I figured if jagex could somehow tell payapl to not let THS transfer cash for "fake items" or a gift then this could really hurt the goldfarmers. I know this kind of sounds all jumbled up I'm just not good with writing ideas. But yeah I really think if jagex could somehow do something with paypal it could really help the game. Any thoughts?
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNur8jkS_M4 Yeah this is my obby tank enjoy this video if you watch ;) Thanks
  3. Hey well with this new update being a corrupt pure totally sucks cause corrupt items aren't selling in ge and there's no way I can get one from revs. I was wondering if anyone knew a price that these items would buy at in the ge or where a good place would be for me to buy them besides in the ge. annnnnd if anyone happens to have one and wants to sell my rsn is f2p is beat. Thanks :)
  4. What's funny about this post is that I'm pretty sure you yourself are a botter. Why would you know this information unless you are directly associated with these botting sites. Most people don't know that the most popular botting site is run by the gold selling site. Most people also don't know about the login names and passwords being stored. I've seen screenshots of your accounts and it's pretty obvious you bot judging from your stats and wealth.How do I know this stuff myself? take a guess.
  5. Well I've been on tip here for a while now and never post here but I decided to post this since I'm really happy lol. 5 more levels :)
  6. maybe you miscalculated
  7. id just suggest go to skeletons on ape atol because the money at mummies doesnt really help. And if your using void, eagle eye, and pots, you might get like 130k-170k xp at your level with red chins per 1 k chins. Its a rough estimate though
  8. im chinning right now using void, eagle eye, and range pots. I get about 250k xp per 1k chins but im 97 range. youll probably get about 200k xp per 1k chins averaged out from 85 to 99. youll need about 45 to 50k chins depending upon how efficient you are with using them. So depending upon the price of the chin at the time you buy will affect the price of chinning. right now im getting chins for min in ge so i think right now it would be pretty cheap to do. And you also have to consider prayer pots and range pots aswell
  9. i know i can hit 48, but just not sure about it at my level
  10. new account, ur stats may seem really high now but you can get those up pretty fast. you'll start to loose interest real soon at your level with 20 def. And you cant get rune gloves now since you already have deffence xp so it would be a failed init pure. and zerker would take you such a long time to make. Theres so many quests you have to do that its just not worth it. and zerkers really need high range and mage so doubt you wanna do that
  11. im about to get 97 on my acc and i was wondering if anyone knew the max hit with d bow at this level using the spec. I'd be wearing void, using eagle eye, and ranging potions. Someone told me id be able to hit a 48 but im not to sure about that.
  12. dummies ushually arent full all the time and you can use mouse keys on full screen which makes it easy training. and if your a little tight on cash do stealing creation for double xp
  13. dummies in lumby, and then you dont even have to worry about splash
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