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  1. help plz? so i can see what to do
  2. I want to know the exp rates of chinning per hour at lvl 80 and how many i would need per hour. So could someone give me some stats please and tell me what i should expect from 80-90? I was estimating 10k chins plus cost of p pots which would be around 7m but could someone give me some exp rates plz? ty
  3. Ya but it wouldn't be half bad getting more slayer lvls..but its mainly for the 90 att and str ..slayer would be just a bonus getting me exp and cash
  4. Ok so i've decided i want 90 att & str before i move on to do anything else, but im not sure what to do. Slayer seems good for money and keeps stuff interesting, but seems a bit slow. But power training is super boring so i dont know what to do now. I have a slayer helm and i would be using a whip & kuradel/sumona for easier tasks..but whats better? slayer? or powertraining? (ex. azs & ape atoll) also how long would it take doing each (slayer and powertraining)
  5. What is the minimum range level to get me into decent teams and a bunch of kills along with my 99 def/80 summon? Will teams accept a veracs/karils setup? And for tds duo, i've heard its better to have an all time ranger and an all time meleer, is this true or should i stick with switching on a duo? Thanks :thumbsup:
  6. Well i have LOTS of skill goals (99 range for ex.) but i obviously need money. I haven't been much into boss hunting but now i really want to get into it. Even if it means doing boss hunting for a month or two just to become rich (we're talking like 50+ m here). But im not sure which boss to do at my level to get that amount of money. I've tanked bandos a few times before with no luck, and i've also solo'd dagg rex with mage, and ive only gotten 1 dragon axe. But can anybody give me some advice to what i should do.. all help is greatly appreciated.
  7. When i got 99 def, i used sc helmets from 96-99 and it didn't take that long, a little less than a week. It's doubled exp for about 30k exp, but you have to spend time in the minigame to get them obviously..but when you actually go to train, time flys by in exp at armored zombies. And i made a very nice profit from the drops too
  8. hellhounds, ankous, and jellies are the best lv 3 clue drppers :thumbsup:
  9. Okay so I am going for 99 def and i will finish nomad's requiem soon as well and i was wondering what i should spend my 100 zeal on? (already have 30 and 70 as quest reward). I predict i will have about 91-93 hp at 99 def so i was wondering if i should get 98-99 def fast by wasting my zeals, or waiting to see if i get 98 hp afterwards since its better to waste on hp. But i'm only worried i dont go for 99 hp and i didn't waste my zeals on def, what should i do? <_< ty
  10. tyvm, and don't get me wrong i'm not mad or impatient, its just usually on my previous questions i got no help or answers.
  11. Wow bump... i never get replies on tip.it anymore
  12. To what lvl could i get with about 5m and chinning at mummies?
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