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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Whoop de ding...... might just me being a pessimist, but this was a bit... underwhelming.
  3. Bxp quit a few weeks ago DIDNT HE NOW who are you and what have you done with him.
  4. finally done. laddddddddaaadumdum now i can NEVER COMP
  5. 3 more... zzzzzzzz Also, I am not that mentally defifccetn hoenstly
  6. are those silverhawk boot things any good? i thought they were just another promo or 1% item... got them yday, free 50k..... but are they useful or something?
  7. really liking this so far... definetly want it back for good... did a bit of pking, there's some minor probs, but its all good for the most part... the most annoying thing is the hitsplats... they are delayed so that by the time you see what you got it, it's already too late to eat again >.<
  8. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BABYEEEEEEEEE Personally; I cannot wait for this; I really miss the "good old" days (heh.......). Will hopefully be able to practice pking with no risk in beta :D i'm also seriously looking forward to trying bossing again... Although dks might be interesting, as prayers dont block 100% any more..... GDAY PRIME! Bit dissapointed that they're only putting the provoke on 80+ shields, I recon they should put them on corp shields... and while we're wishing for things, could we get the old elysian effect back? maybe put it on spectral or something!\; and make it a crossclass shield!
  9. MFW TANSUO IS CLOSE TO MAX. WTF IS THIS. got that 2-3 days ago, 600k from 99 atm :D
  10. got a div lvl yesterday, got another one today.... now i can sleep
  11. A month of pvm(primarily nex) completed babyeeeeeeee. So, i returned to rs near the start of the month, and i decided to do a drops tab of all the loot i got from nex.... howeever, due to a lack of cash, i didn't buy all the ffa/split drops that i got.... so the tab is a bit shorter than the number of drops i got! NONE the less, i got a piece(or more) of every bit of torva, virtus and pernix... except.... I didn't get a single vwand or vbook. My most common drop was tboots, of which i beleive i got like 9 torva boot drops.... You will note the singularity, i did a bit of rago on scorp, got 2 sings and 1 wand.... this month i have made like 700-800m, and spent like 100-150 on supplies/armour sets(i've had 1 set of sirenic/male throughout the whole month, but burned through 2-3 sets of tectonic >.<) not quite as much as jasons, but i am happy with it! the values in this next pic is scewed, since the shards dont keep up with their respective pieces. the cash is all the non item loot. basically my cashstack of profit :) Cashstack is missing in action.... not letting me use image extensions like i used on the other two photos...... grrrrrrrrrrrrrr this months goal:MAXXXXXX BABYEEEEEEEE.... using bxp on div as we speak!
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