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  1. Sw0rd when are we going on the next bot hunt?
  2. I don't like sunnyd. Too much sugar.
  3. Posts like this prove how [cabbage]ty even the tip.it forums have become. lol chill
  4. took you 7 years to realize that? :thumbup:
  5. Enjoy your upcoming ban

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwTazn3p27k didn't this guy lose his bank? I plan on stopping at 90 so I should have enough tokens for that too :thumbup: + imbued archer ring and ava alerter :thumbup: can't get alerter because of att lvls but I'll get 300 ma later + maybe fcape cool name bro
  7. Lol wannabe troll

  8. I wanted moar drama


  9. Too bad you hide it all

  10. You should pm an admin with your evidence broski

  11. Gold on toads, keep the blues
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