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  1. Hi guys, just logged on to my Runescape acc I havent used for months, and I noticed that most of my skills are an even number like 60 or 65. Thats neat. Crafting is at 51. Ouch, that hurts my OCD. So I need to get crafting from 51 to 60 in the next days/weeks. Starting money is not a big problem, I have 5M to work with. However, I dont want loss greater than around 500k. What methods can you suggest for crafting training as an F2P? All of my other skills are at least 50, most of them 60. Thanks in advance guys!
  2. Thanks for the tips guys. Ring_World, I'd appreciate that. I have 4.5 mil to work with. Can I add you on runescape? Rune mining? You mean essence mining? My calculations say its like 15-20k/hr.
  3. Yeah, I heard abouth this merching thingy. Dont really know how and where to start though. I do not have a good overview of the market.
  4. Hi guys, I've heard and read a lot of different money-making strategies for F2P players, but most of them are kinda slow or outdated (based on much higher GE prices of certain items). [Example: Lobster-fishing: I expect to sell my uncooked lobsters for minimum price which is 204gp. I can fit 26 lobster in one inventory and need about 8 minutes per trip. This makes like 40-50k in an hour] So the title says it all: What is in you opinion the best F2P monkey-making strategy at the moment? I have fairly high levels, most of them 60+!
  5. Hi there, some months ago, when I was a member for two months, I rushed through all the quests I could do with my levels. Ive done most of the quests while having the Tip.It Quest database open and following the instructions given. Now I regret this. I dont know any part of the story of any p2p quest. I plan to get a subscription soon, but I dont feel like doing quests because I dont know any background story. (Has this happened to you, too? Or did you pay attention to everything the NPCs said?) Is there any way to reread the stories of the most common quests? A short or long summary, or screenshots or anything. It would help me out. Thansk in advance, guys!
  6. Um, quick question: If I havent got the neccessary skill level for some task, can I finish it with the mentor-system?
  7. Oh, c'mon. I feel so ashamed and stupid that I didnt get that one. So far, I only solved the first chapter completely on my own :( Please hearten me!
  8. Hm, Im stuck. I thought X,Y,Z means - when looking into the correct book given by the text - Sentence X, word Y, letter Z. This produces nonsense. Am I thinking too complicated?
  9. Ah, thanks you! I got it now! I also think I know who is the next NPC: The hairdresser of Falador. His rat is named Ridgeley and he wears a shirt!
  10. Gosh why do I suck at logic puzzles? @will_holmes:
  11. Could it just be that we've got to pick like every third letter of the sentence, like we did with the clue on the forum? Of course, again picking every third letter would be to easy, there must be a hint what we have to do with the letters.
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