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  1. This is just a small bug with the website, and the fix will be uploaded soon so "Ctrl +" will increase font size as the page zooms in.
  2. Could you give an example of a cramped table? And what do you mean by yellow-highlighted words? If possible provide a screenshot/link.
  3. http://open.tip.it/high-score-stats Not perfect, but you can see how many people are being banned every so often.
  4. For me in IE9/Win7, the "Start typing.." text disappears when I click. And when I type something, then that remains in the box no matter what I do, such as clicking away from the search box, re-clicking onto the search box, etc. (as it should). Is this what you see? Perhaps you can try other search pages, such as http://open.tip.it/items http://open.tip.it/quests
  5. I'm not sure if it is obvious or if it was mentioned before, but the mobile site is nowhere near a final version. The priority in development is with the desktop version of the site. Ideally, for a mobile version we would use a jquery-based framework to display content across various devices/OS's. As it stands now, the mobile version of the site is quite minimal, but functioning. It was never announced, but merely something put in place for future development.
  6. The black text has been fixed for a while, but unable to be uploaded yet. I'll see what can be done about the skill progress calc.
  7. We've shuffled things around a bit so this should now be all sorted.
  8. I think it should definitely be in the opposite direction, with the item name etc. first. Also I agree that the 'pages > view' part could be removed. Will look into what possibilities there are and whats the best option to choose.
  9. That's called the Equipment Builder http://open.tip.it/items/equipment-builder And to everyone sharing ideas on adding item sets to the Item Compare, it's being looked into but definetly can't be a priority at the moment. It'd be good to have it on both the Item Compare and the Equipment Builder I guess, regardless of how much of a need it would be. Thanks everyone for the suggestion :)
  10. Pretty cool :thumbup: There is a red border around the forum login, unless you're debugging something...
  11. Would have been better if this was posted in the Tracker :) But I've changed it and should be online soon.
  12. http://services.runescape.com/m=news/g=runescape/behind-the-scenes--january
  13. That would be really cool, but sadly it seems like things are getting worse and worse for Mozilla - hopefully they can turn it around. But this is a good way for Jagex to make players use a modern browser; their new site relies heavily on a lot of new stuff.
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