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  1. If you get a puzzle as a last step, you cannot reroll the reward. It'll dissapear and when you click somewhere on the screen, you just get the reward in your inventory. Also, ~50 of the steps (roughly) seem to be coordinates.
  2. You only get perfect juju boosts, doubt it applies overload aswell.
  3. New Crwys pickpockets: flax, yew logs, magic logs. Gold has been changed to 150-313, by the looks of it. Been pickpocketing Iorwerth elves.Got 10 sharks in 3 strikes, at level 98 thieving. Seems they did more than rework the GP table.
  4. Would look similar to this and have 20 minute timers. Timers go down after you click on the clan icon and once they reach 0, time will reset to 20. http://i.imgur.com/nQumCpF.png
  5. I keep updating my post in the update thread , in general discussion. Might want to check that for pickpocketing related items.
  6. Meilyr workers seem to be easier to pp than Crwys, even though they have a higher thieving req. They give noted vials of water/snapegrass and blue dragonscale dust/ dungeoneering token bag (10 tokens). Moss seed seems to be rare-ish. Noted ZAMORAK'S FAVOUR (1). I'd imagine you get the other Juju pots aswell. Amlodd clan pickpockets are charms/divination energy/empty pouches. Hefin pickpockets are agility related items energy/agility potions,summer pies and somewhat rare prayer related items such as noted accursed ashes. Rare pickpocket seems to be dragon bones. Ithell pickpockets are tea, noted planks (oak/teak so far), noted soda ash. I also got a crystal tool seed. HARMONIC DUST as rare pickpocket. Will update as I do more thieving. If my math is correct, agility course is roughly 85k xp/[email protected] level 94, not including any shortcuts or extra xp from the light creatures, assuming a 50 second run and 1184 xp/run. * 4 pillars which can be raked of weeds in the Meilyr area. Random skills are applied to them. I got crafting/herblore/fletching/strength. Once you apply the seed to the pillar you can't take it off until it's fully grown. You have to get a certain amount of xp then you can harvest moss. .First stage of moss growth requires 50k xp in the related skill. 20k agility xp/day activity in the Hefin sector; you have to match the 4 stances of Lady Hefin to receive the proper xp, otherwise you get a low amount. Without bonus xp it seems to be slower than normal training, just that it's not click intensive. You can mine 50 crystal sandstone per day and turn it into crystal vials, similar to red sandstone in Oo'glog. Lady Ithell can attune your dragon hatchet/pickaxes to crystal. Payment for hatchet is 4k harmonic dust. Sand pit really close to bank, in the Ithell area. Meilyr clan has a store, from which you can buy 4 moss seeds (50k each) and other herblore related items. Recipe store 17 recipes buyable for gold. Rest have to be found while doing dungeons. Grand strength/defence/attack/magic/defense => 100k gold each, they boost 14%+2. Replenishment potion=>200k gold, adrenaline by 25%, restore all skills by 25%+8 and restore prayer points 25%+80. Wyrmfire potion->200k gold, "reduces dragon and wyvern fire damage taken by 100% for 360s". Supreme strength/defence/magic/ranging/attack=> 500k gold, 16%+4. Brightfire potion->600k gold, restores 486 prayer points over 6 minutes and reduces dragonfire damage by 100% for 360s. Super prayer renewal potion=>750k gold , 555 prayer points over 6 minutes, 25%+70 prayer points restored. Holy overload potion->700k gold, combat skills boosted 15%+3 and restores 486 prayer points over 6 minutes. Searing overload potion->700k gold, combat boosted by 15%+3 and reduces dragonfire damage by 100% for 360s. Supreme overload potion->900k gold, boosts combat 16%+4 9 recipes to be unlocked from dungeoneering, including 3 high level ones.
  7. The boost (for using 5 logs on a bonfire) seems to be a bit off, on the site. I've checked it myself, I got 4.8% @ 95 firemaking. Table says close to 10. I've checked on other sites, it's lower than the tip.it one.
  8. Gentlemen and ladies of TIF, I salute you. Goodbye and have fun. I will still be reachable through this account if for some reason anyone wants to contact me.I will not close the account but will only check it once every blue moon.
  9. :thumbsup: I then got the zumbi(zombie, in portuguese): Imp says hi!
  10. Lesser and human down today. 3 left. Any good spots to get the hobgoblin one? (except craft guild)
  11. Press D on the keyboard. I believe it does the same as dropping the item.
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