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  1. I have some eye issues and when I need to read, especially at night, I like to increase the font size. When I tried to increase the font size on a quest page, the ads all got really big, the size of the space for the writing about the quest got smaller proportionately, but the font did not change size at all. I was using Chrome and the window was full screen size. This is a bit annoying. I will be very disappointed if I must seek out a different site to do my reading. :sad: Are there any steps I can take to change this on my end (perhaps using a different browser, etc) ? Thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter.
  2. In the Theiving Guide, the Monkey Knife Fighters, in the first line, there is a link to the Do No Evil quest. It takes you to The Fued quest instead. Thanks for the great website. It has helped me alot. :thumbsup: Additionally, you might add to the Gloves of Silence that all of the gloves have the same status. So if you carry an extra pair in your inventory, you can check and repair the extra pair instead of having to remove the pair you are wearing.
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