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  1. Or maybe there could be something like a "set builder" where there's a set up (that looks like the in-game 'Worn Equipment' tab where it shows what gear you have on) that we could add gear to and see what the compiled bonuses would be. So if one clicked on the helmet slot, one could type in the helmet they want and add it to the set and do that with each piece and so on.
  2. Mainly because if I wanted to go from Rune plate armor to Dharoks OR Dragon Plate armor, I'd like to see what the bonus differences are between the two, despite the fact that I need it's weapon to complete the set ability.
  3. In the item database, sets of gear do not have their compiled bonuses from each piece of gear from within the set. I was wondering if this could be considered for the sake of easily comparing sets of gear rather than piece by piece. This could save time and effort in finding which set of gear would be more beneficial to ones specific purpose. Anyone else agree or is there a better idea to propose?
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