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  1. Just adding confirmation: Sagaies are indeed 3 seconds per hit on rapid (5 ticks). Proposed damage mechanism is 1.1x at 1 space, 1.3x from 2-4 spaces, and 1.5x for 5 spaces+.
  2. I do not understand what good Jagex thinks will come out of not listening to their playerbase. Effigies + this? They totally ignored us.
  3. ...Wait, what? Options, futures, and other investment instruments that exist in modern markets do not exist in runescape. Shorts, for example, allow you to profit monetarily off of expected dips. No such instrument exists in RS atm.
  4. What? If you are trying to have a discussion that will actually go somewhere and produce new understanding, why would you introduce such value-laden terms? Instead of presenting an argument you instead resort to terms such as ignorance and spirit of the game, which if anything you are using incorrectly (ironically). I understand the mentality of a lower-level player. If I were lower level, I'd train slayer until I'm roughly maxed because it gives me some money and trains a bunch of skills. I'd make money through dailies and minor flips. Once I'm high level enough to do GWD or DKS, I'd do some. I wouldn't worry about making money at the moment because rapiers are free, barrows is cheap, and pots are cheap. All the money I need is for herb and prayer, which were both cheaper with bots. Once I'm high level enough to do nex and kiln, I'd do that for money. Then I'd skill. Where in that process is really affected negatively by bots? Bots ruin stuff like hunting for dragon bones, but a smart lower-level player shouldn't be doing that anyway.
  5. I liked runescape better when there were more bots because resources were cheaper. Leaving out the selfishness of that post: You have already admitted to being an end-game player, so the effect on you from bots is minimal, but for players who are yet to get to that stage it is not. Bots reduce the number of activities a player can effectively do. Regardless of if it's efficient or not, a player cannot do many activities in their desired way with bots around, rendering certain content useless. If you view this thread you will also see how many people were happy when bots were gone. I see very few people (if any) being upset because bots were effectively removed. The positives of not having bots far outweigh the negatives. How is that post selfish? Who doesn't like cheaper resources? As I've stated, many people advantage from cheaper resources, even lower levels. I don't see a compelling case that lower levels are significantly poorer because of bots. Lower/medium levels still had options to make 2M+/hr. A lot of important activities also don't require a lot of capital. You can have approximately the highest DPS weapons and gear in the game with a bank worth of <100M (claws, zerker ring, fury, bandos is pretty much all you need). In fact, the only thing that actually requires a lot of money nowadays is training skills, which are significantly cheaper with bots. I could just as easily say you are selfish for preferring an economy that has cheap high-end armor and rares. You also see few people upset that bots are gone because TIF is pretty high in lower levels. Also, that thread doesn't capture the long-term repercussions of the bot nuke. I'd prefer making 10M+/hr at Nex, not paying millions for potions, and having predictably rising party hats. Not to mention that I can barely 4 item switch properly without delay after the bot nuke. I'm too scared to pvp anymore because every time i switch items in sequence, my game freezes for a while. It's also significantly worse for other players. --- I really don't see a strong economic or moral reason to be against bots. The main area I'd say bots are harmful are for the longevity of the game, but again - that's jagex's problem and reveals an inherent issue with runescape.
  6. Slippery Slope The reverse of this argument is true. More bots = more centralization of wealth = more expensive high-end items = higher levels make more money through PvM and flipping. Your argument would boil down to bots lead to an increase in wealth disparity, but that isn't a bad thing for the game necessarily. And no, even in a bot-less society, dragons, trees, and non-fish fishing is still inefficient. Farming is efficient now and it was during bots as well. It's also not entirely clear that lower levels would be poorer if bots existed. They'd have to spend less money to get bones to get turmoil, herb ingredients, etc. I liked runescape better when there were more bots because resources were cheaper.
  7. I guess I'm a little biased because I'm an end-game player and even in the era of bots I didn't really see or feel their effects, aside from cheap resources. I agree they may occupy resource spots, but I think the majority of legitimate players these days are high level enough not to rely on directly farming dragons for bones or yews for yew trees.
  8. What evidence do you have to suggest that bots are directly harmful to normal players? Why do you say updates improve the game but bots do not? Effigy nerf and wheel update were detrimental to the game in significant ways. Bxp "cheapens" accomplishments. I'd say bots hurt the longevity of the game, but that's a problem that affects jagex more and lies on jagexs end of responsibility
  9. I find it hard to construct a moral case as to why botting is bad. Is it an unfair advantage? No, because you can choose to bot if you wanted. Everyone incurs the same risks and benefits by botting. Does it harm other players? Not directly. In fact, one can argue that it's actually economically beneficial for bots to provide goods. Does it devalue other players' accomplishments by making accomplishments easier? Yes. but isn't that true of many supplements to the game? Accomplishments naturally become less impressive as the game matures and makes old training methods irrelevant. It's bad for the future of the game, since if botting were allowed, many game mechanics would become obsolete. But that's a problem for Jagex and not players. The best solution for Jagex is to orient skilling and moneymaking towards less grindy mechanics. That way, there is less need to bot. I don't see a Kiln or Nex bot, and I don't see (good) DG bots.
  10. Scumbag jagex: has a chance to remove gambling and fix the economy; ruins it instead Danq, the perception that these items dont need to e hunted makes a profound difference, regardless of the actual rarity. Look at divine and ely right now.
  11. Glacors are 3m an hour and were 50k rc xp an hour or so It's not a matter of whether or not Jagex actually played, it's a matter of whether or not they actually understand what's going on from a player's perspective. And they do not.
  12. Yes jagex is a bad company because other people complain about it. Wat.
  13. Jagex's complete refusal to consider community counterarguments and their undeserved condescension demonstrates the terrible quality of their company
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