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  1. One year later, still unplayable :) /rant over
  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  3. Hello! I wanted to try this new RS3 thingy, since I decided to quit RS when they released EoC. Now, I am completely lost.. The design looks great, and all these new features.. But honestly it's not user friendly at all, and the new combat system doesn's fit RuneScapes tick-based gameplay very much.. So, would anybody care to tell me how to play this game 2k13 style. Especially how to do combat in each role as well as selecting the best settings. And what activities to do :) Any help appreciated! Best regards, Hegelstad
  4. I had a Lachesis for about 4 years, then the rubber began to fell off. So i bought the Mass Effect 3 Imperator. It doesnt have rubber-finish, so i hope this will last longer :) I think all razer mouse works a lifetime, just not those with rubber, the rubber will eventually sweat out and get loose and dirty. Good luck!
  5. Before the bug that came to light 5 months ago, 50FPS everywhere any amount of players, i.e soulwars. Now? 15 fps everywhere but questing locations where i get a decent 30...
  6. botted once on a smurft character, just to see how broken the system really is.
  7. Except it gave away my favorite item ive earned over 150 mil on, in less than 1 month of playing about 20 minutes a day..
  8. Misleading title. I have had Jagex listen to me, for example they fixed the private chat going through the arrow to adjust the chatbox height... They are just not prioritizing in your favor. And no, they just dont answer back.
  9. Thanks for ruining merchanting for all who do invest time in learning the tricks.. Note: If you should view that spreadsheet, keep in mind prices will after the next g.e update most likely will differentiate. This will likely cause you to lose money. Have in mind that the G.E graph is delayed by 1-3 days, i am not sure. So don't count on it, nor any spreadsheets.
  10. Be in soul wards, you dont want a random event to ruin your boost.
  11. Chill video, hopefully i will be able to boss sometime ^^
  12. It's so good. And the music fits it very good, gives me chills like mass effect did <3 Like the style, however it is quite too big. But it adds more atmosphere.
  13. Hegelstad


    I am not sure, but I put 9 on maple and 6 on Coal. Best last time i checked with grimys sheets 2-3 weeks ago.
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