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  1. Jacobrod

    WC xp

    Was wondering what tree would be the fastest xp rates for my level? I'm currently at willows. I don't care about afkability, just want fast xp.
  2. From what i've heard a lot of people are getting these problems. I dont get the dc's but i do get the random fps drops all the time.
  3. Jacobrod


    Thanks for the help
  4. Jacobrod


    I was wonder what distribution of the workers would provide the best money? Any advice would be appreciated :)
  5. Jacobrod


    Sounds good. Thanks man.
  6. Jacobrod


    Just got dagannoths as a task and was wondering what the fastest way to go about finishing it would be?
  7. Ok thanks. That's what i thought, just wanted to make sure.
  8. Does it stop when you log out or does it just keep on going after the first time you log in?
  9. This pretty much. The only time i take a spot over is if they say something mean when i log on to check the world. Then i'm an ass and steal the spot
  10. I decided to also do this when i read your thread lol. Sounds like fun so im gonna get my brother to do it with me.
  11. They took off to much :( way to much, they might as well have reversed 2 years ago.
  12. Im not going to argue because i honestly dont know. My account got hacked and the person who hacked my account was in a completely different place with different gear so its possible. Sucks though... I was working on all 80 combat stats and only needed 2 str levels and 3 defence levels. Guess i should check back more often to see whats happening with my account...
  13. http://forum.tip.it/topic/284308-fishing-xp/page__p__4666620?do=findComment&comment=4666620 there was even a time when i said my stats. i had 60 fishing and now im down to 52. I dont understand why it went down...
  14. That dramatic though? They may be off by one or 2 but i know for sure i had at least 80 attack. It was my first 80. Then constitution. The last thing i remember doing was getting 65 slayer for dust devils. and 52 summoning. i even still have the terrorbird pouches in my bank.
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