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  1. I think i'll be fine, if i get to tired i probably will end have having to sleep, but im going to try not too. If i end up feeling deathly then I will of course sleep, this is going to be brutal!
  2. Rangus

    All set

    So I'm basically fully ready for exp weekend now, bought myself a few bottles of coke instead of Energy Drinks since I thought it might end up a bit better. Had a trail run the other day and got to about 30 hours i believe before i slept, so this could be easy but who knows, only one way to find out :P
  3. Yeah i just realised how hard this is going to be D:. I had a test run the other day and got to about 30 hours before i crashed so fingers crossed
  4. So I have taken up your advice and made a blog dedicated to my bonus exp weekend. Lets hope all goes to plan this coming weekend and I'm not sent to a loony bin from sleep deprivation :P
  5. Helloooo there! So basically I have the goal of attempting to stay awake for the entire Bonus exp weekend. star_in_the_sky had the great idea i start a blog up about this experience so I thought I might as well give it a go. I will most likely train agility for the whole thing, possibly have a summoning break. Ill attempt to post on this blog regularly during the event, so ill let you guys and girls know how I'm doing. I have all hopes of staying awake for the entire thing but who knows? Psychosis may kick in long before the weekend is over!
  6. Thanks for moving this to the appropriate place, as you can see this was my first post :P. Thanks for the guide, I am sure it will come in very handy!
  7. Hey all, I've decided to set a goal for myself to stay awake for the ENTIRE bonus experience weekend. That means no sleep from the moment it starts until it finishes. Shall be stocking up on energy drinks and candy to attempt to get me though. Most likely I will train agility for the entire event, possibly until a 1.1 bonus, then i shall have a break, do some summoning or anther skill I dislike. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on training methods, or methods to keep myself awake for this event let me know :P
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