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  1. Hello, fellow forum goers. Long time no see. I am in the search of many moneys, you can help me by giving me advice and I will give you the fortune of my father (king of nigeria). Please reply back with haste. Here is my bank and stats: How do make money? god bless, Aboubacar Adowa
  2. How about the abilities bar? How should I set it up in F2P for each class?
  3. Got some advice on equipment, am I missing anything?
  4. I haven't played the evolution of combat at all so my understanding of it is none, is F2P pking still roughly the same at maxed combats? Does anyone know of a good up to date guide on how to F2P pk (which also explains how to use the Evolution of Combat)? What equipment do I need for melee F2P pking?
  5. so randum xd roflcopter edit: i have 9 warning points here on tip.it. anyone beat me?
  6. If you wanted to try out the other gray/non stylized look, you could always try adding a "skins" option? I don't know if that would be possible, but it's worth mentioning.
  7. There's over 100,000 downloads in total of the DGSweeper, if you go to any random world at daemonheim and ask about dgsweeper you'll likely get a response. I don't think it needs any help "getting the word out" when the word has already been out for many, many months before this.
  8. I have not had any problems with my dragon ceremonial cape. What's the glitch you speak of?
  9. Could you answer the rock lob questions in the OP?
  10. Is it possible to do nex with a setup within 50m GP? Also, do many teams accept people with torts? What is currently the best charms p/h in game? Still rock lobs? What's the equipment/inventory setup for rock lobs and what is the charms p/h rate? How long would it take to get enough charms for 4.5m xp (89-96)
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